How to make a Super Bowl pool and how it works

Super Bowl pools have been growing in popularity over the past 10 years. A lot of NFL fans create Super Bowl pools to play at their parties for the event. In the last couple years, a lot of individuals have used the pools for fundraising.When individuals use the Super Bowl pools for fundraising it is usually adults using them to help fund an adult sports league they play in. Some adult softball teams use Super Bowl pools to help pay for tournaments. With this being said, let’s take a look at how someone can create a Super Bowl pool and how it works.Step-by-Step guide to setting up a Super Bowl pool– Step 1: Start out with a poster board and make an empty 10×10 grid. This should give the grid 100 squares for contestants to choose from.– Step 2: For the Super Bowl, the home team goes on the top of the board and the away team goes along the side.– Step 3: Gather enough individuals to fill the board when it is ready to be filled.– Step 4: Once there are enough individuals to fill the board, write numbers 0-9 across the top. Then do the same down the side. Once that is complete contact the list of individuals and let them pick which numbers they want.How does a Super Bowl pool work?

Once all the numbers are assigned to the contestants, it is a waiting game until the game starts. When the game kicks off, the Super Bowl pool starts. The reasoning behind picking the 0-9 numbers is to determine who wins what.Let’s use Super Bowl LV as an example. If the Kansas City Chiefs are up 21-14 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after the first quarter, which ever individual picked number one for the Chiefs would win and whoever picked the number four for the Buccaneers would win as well.The 0-9 numbers represent the second number of the score. Unless the game is full of field goals, nine may be the worst number to pick in a Super Bowl pool. Popular numbers are zero, one, four, seven, and eight. It is possible for someone to buy numbers for both teams.So let’s use the example we used above. Chiefs lead the Bucs 21-14 after the first quarter. If a contestant purchased the number one for the Chiefs and the number four for the Buccaneers, then they would win twice.Super Bowl pools are another example of how individuals can make their Super Bowl parties more enjoyable. They can also be used as great fundraising opportunities. With everyone tuning into Super Bowl LV it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start a Super Bowl pool just for fun.
Published 06 Feb 2021, 00:37 IST


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