This is my first post here. I’ve been gambling since 2017 ish.

First, it started as a source of making money for me. Which of course I didn’t make any money, after few years I started making a lot of money and whenever I’m bored I start gambling again. The dopamine sets in and I will start chasing losses thereby losing more money, a few times I got into debt but it isn’t as bad because I make a lot of money from my digital business. I’ve lost so much money on gambling in the past few years including last year.However, I’ve been clean for the whole of 2021, which is a great place for me. My gambling addiction was a worst one for me because I was dealing with a sport that is also my hobby. So whenever I watch a game I get this undying urge to stake a bet! But so far I’ve overcome that feeling!! I’m very grateful for myself! I never intend going back to gambling in my life but the urge is hard to resist but if you replace your gambling addiction with something else, it will definitely should help you a lot!In a short period, I’ve saved a good amount of money that would have been lost through gambling. Recently, a business partner introduced me to Crypto Currency Trading. It’s like predicting market growth and making profits of it! I’ve used that to replace my gambling urge and hope to never return to sports gambling or any form ever again!I hope this helps someone here in this community!And I appreciate everyone who has shared their stories too! It has really helped me a lot!!Thank you.

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