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5 most popular Bug Pokemon from Kanto

A lot of Pokemon fans will remember their first Pokemon encounter because it was probably with a creepy, crawling Bug-type.Bug-types have been synonymous with the early game and the early anime adventures. At first, they look a bit weak. Once they evolve, however, they are extremely useful. Some of the most iconic Bug-type Pokemon were introduced in Kanto, the region where it all began. The popular ones are still among the top tier of Bug-types after all these years.5 most popular Bug Pokemon from Kanto#5 – Caterpie Image via The Pokemon CompanyWhile Misty may not have been a fan of Caterpie at first, a lot of Pokemon fanatics absolutely adore the little caterpillar. The first time Ash caught one in the anime, or players caught one themselves, they knew good things were to follow. Caterpie’s potential has always been the reason for its popularity.

#4 – Pinsir Image via The Pokemon CompanyPinsir’s brutality is one of the reasons it is a popular Bug-type Pokemon. It is downright terrifying. It uses its pincers to catch and basically squeeze the life out of its enemies. In Kanto, sometimes pure power is what’s needed to tackle the journey. Pinsir has always been a good choice.#3 – Beedrill

Image via The Pokemon CompanyBeedrill is another brutal Bug-type Pokemon. It is a unique Bug/Poison-type. Evolving from Weedle and Kakuna, Beedrill was a great partner to have in the first games. Poison Sting and Toxic could deal some serious status damage to opposing Pokemon. Not to mention, it is a bee with drills for hands. #2 – Scyther Image via The Pokemon CompanyScyther is still an extremely popular Pokemon. The design is amazing, and it is incredibly fast. They are super aggressive and have a great attack stat. Gaining an evolution in the form of Scizor made it more popular than ever before. #1 – Butterfree Image via The Pokemon CompanyButterfree, as a battler, a partner, and a released Pokemon in the anime, has made it the most popular Bug-type Pokemon in Kanto.It gained popularity as Ash’s companion that found love. Now, it has a Gigantamax form and access to so many different status moves. Butterfree rules.
Published 07 Feb 2021, 00:19 IST


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