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5 best landing spots in COD Mobile Season 1 New Order’s battle royale map

COD Mobile has a variety of game modes that players can enjoy. The battle royale mode is one of many. There are two major maps in the battle royale game mode: Alcatraz and Isolated. Each map has some great places to loot, which give players a slight edge over others in the battle royale game mode. 5 best landing spots in COD Mobile Season 1 New Order’s battle royale map#1 – Launch – Isolated Image via GamesradarLaunch is a great place to find top-quality loot. It has a mix of tall buildings, houses, shacks, and tunnels. It is one of the most contested places on the map because of the loot it offers. Players who can make it through Launch will have a good amount of loot to help them achieve victory in COD Mobile battle royale.#2 – Cellhouse – Alcatraz

CellhouseThe Cellhouse is band in the middle of the Alcatraz map. It is a hot drop location for players who consider getting the best loot after dropping. Most of the loot is in the buildings that have several floors and an open roof. Although the quality and quantity of loot is optimal, looting in Cellhouse is a challenging task because buildings force close-quarter engagements.#3 – Shipment – Isolated Image via Activision blogShipment is a hot drop area on the Isolated map in COD Mobile. It is near the coast and connected to a bridge. The area has containers and grassy paths. Players can find plenty of loot but will face some tough close-quarter fights.

#4 – Warden’s House – Alcatraz Warden’s HouseThe Warden’s House is a multilevel building in the midst of Alcatraz. Each floor has several rooms that provide decent loot to the players. Unlike other places, these rooms provide ample cover for players. The Warden’s House is a great place to land and defend.#5 – Model Industries – Alcatraz Model IndustriesLocated near the northernmost part of the island, Model Industries has a large multi-floor building. Each floor contains a massive amount of loot. Players may find distinct qualities of loot in the same building.
Published 07 Feb 2021, 18:16 IST


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