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Giannis Antetokounmpo and James Harden Agree With ‘Big Dog’ LeBron James; Against NBA All-Star Game

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James made a statement yesterday about his outlook on the NBA All-Star game, saying he has zero excitement for it. Now, multiple NBA stars, including Giannis Antetokounmpo and James Harden, have spoken up in agreement. The Bucks star called LeBron the “Big Dog,” and said the league has to follow what he says. “We all gotta follow the Big Dog (LeBron), man. The Big Dog says he has zero excitement, zero energy for the All-Star Game. I’m the same way. … I can’t worry about the All-Star Game. I want to see my family.” Giannis is a four-time All-Star and has also been captain twice. But like his fellow captain LeBron, he feels that weekend can be used to spend time with family, instead of putting the league at risk with an All-Star game. After Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden also joins in After their game against the Raptors, Nets superstar James Harden also addressed the All-Star game uncertainties. He said, “I feel the same way as some of the other players. We’re trying to calm a virus down, and we’re putting on an event. I know what the reasoning is for it, but I feel, especially with a condensed schedule, it feels like everything was forced upon players. It’s already draining. “We’re playing a lot of games in a week, and I feel like that was a week for us to relax, be with our families, and take a step back away from basketball.” Three of the best players in the league have now voiced their opinion against the All-Star game. All three MVPs have a lot of influence in the league, and others are likely to join them. And before them, young star De’Aaron Fox spoke up against it. If the number of players disagreeing with the 2021 All-Star game increases, the NBA might be forced to change their stance too. The All-Star game is scheduled for March 7, which is just a month away. The NBA clearly knows that player health is at risk, but will they prioritize it over money-making? The answer will be out in a few weeks. ALSO READ – ‘Slap in the Face’: LeBron James Not Interested for 2021 NBA All-Star Game Get notified about breaking news and watch highlights on the go; join the Arena on NBA Hoops

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