“I will forever be indebted to Dusty” – Daughter of WWE legend praises Dusty Rhodes

Former WWE NXT Superstar Shaul Guerrero – daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero – has praised the late, great Dusty Rhodes for his wise and kind words during her time in developmental with WWE.On a recent edition of The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, the wrestler went into detail on the influence Dusty Rhodes had on her during her time in both Florida Championship Wrestling and NXT.“Absolutely, I don’t even think that words can properly describe what Dusty was to so many us, and I’ve said this in interviews before, I’ve had a handful of people that were really looking out for me and really believed in what I was doing at FCW and NXT,” Shaul said. “And Dusty was one of them and pushed for me and had a lot of confidence in me.” H/T WrestlingInc.Shaul Guerrero tells how Dusty Rhodes helped Vicky Guerrero make her own way on the main roster in WWEAs it turns out, Dusty Rhodes was also a major part in helping Vicky Guerrero (Shaul’s mother) find her footing when she began appearing on WWE television, in her now iconic run. “And I will forever thank him. He was always so honest with me. If something sucked, he told me, and he goes back with our family. He was the one that had really helped my mom when she got brought up on to the main roster to start her own legacy. So I will forever be indebted to Dusty and always give him that credit.”Shaul was also quizzed on whether or not she would like to participate in the Women’s Dusty Rhodes classic on NXT. Naturally, the former NXT star was very interested in taking part, to honor the legacy of Dusty Rhodes.“Of course, I would always love to pay homage to Dusty in any way I can.”Shaul Guerrero recently took a step back from public commitments to focus on her mental health. We wish Shaul Guerrero all the best for her future and hope to see her back in the ring very soon.
Published 08 Feb 2021, 00:07 IST


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