Can I watch the NFL Super Bowl on Hulu?

Throughout the 2020-2021 NFL season, commercials played that stated Hulu has live sports. With the 2021 NFL Super Bowl kicking off on Sunday it brings the question of whether NFL fans can watch Super Bowl LV on Hulu. There are a bunch of ways to watch Super Bowl LV.Hulu is one place where NFL fans can definitely watch the big game on Sunday night. NFL fans will just need to subscribe to Hulu + Live TV. This is a monthly subscription with a cost of $65 each month. If fans are looking to just watch the Super Bowl then they can opt into the free seven day trial.With the answer of whether an NFL fan can watch Super Bowl LV on Hulu being yes, lets sit back and take a look at why Super Bowl LV is a must watch Super Bowl.Why is the NFL Super Bowl a must watch on Sunday? Super Bowl LVThere are many different reasons to why Super Bowl LV is a must watch game on Sunday. The matchup between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, Tampa Bay Buccaneers playing a home Super Bowl game, and both quarterbacks looking to make history. These are just a few talking points in the weeks leading up to Super Bowl LV.Andy Reid and Bruce Arians will meet for the third time as NFL head coaches. Both have won a game and the rubber match is for the biggest prize in football. Arians will be coaching in his first Super Bowl as a head coach in his career and will be looking for a Gatorade bath at the end.

There is one player that no one is talking about. Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Scotty Miller. Miller has the big play potential and could be a wild card in this game.With both teams having the ability to light up the scoreboard early and often, Super Bowl LV has the potential to be the highest scoring game. Both the Chiefs and Buccaneers have defenses that are highly talented but are overlooked because of the offense. If Tampa Bay can pressure Mahomes and keep him locked up it could be a long night for the Chiefs.With Tom Brady making his record 10th Super Bowl appearance, not to mention that he is chasing his seventh Super Bowl ring in his career, Super Bowl LV is a must watch game and well worth the $65 a month to watch the game live on hulu.
Published 08 Feb 2021, 02:42 IST


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