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“Cancel Justin Timberlake”: Singer faces backlash after Britney Spears documentary reveals shocking allegations 

Justin Timberlake may have had more to do with Britney Spears’ breakdown than was once believed after her documentary revealed details about the R&B star. Fans have been watching “Framing Britney,” which goes into detail on how her fans, the media, and Justin Timberlake failed Britney Spears. The documentary does not pull any punches when it comes to these subjects, but fans were focused on one. Justin Timberlake was a former boyfriend of Britney Spears. Some fans feel he is highly responsible for Britney Spears’ troubles. The documentary focused on #FreeBritney and her conservatorship. In the documentary, Justin Timberlake’s relationship with Britney Spears is shown in detail. Britney Spears cheated on Justin Timberlake with Wade Robinson. Timberlake released the song “Cry Me A River” as a response to this.what is joe biden and kamala harris’ plans to finally make justin timberlake pay for his crimes against janet jackson and britney spears— brie. (@briebxrries) February 7, 2021

Hopefully none cause he aint do shit. Britney cheated on him, and Janet was the costume designer/American media’s fault for blackballing her for something she had no control over— AC (@ac2shoes) February 7, 2021This was the start of Britney Spears’ downfall. Since then, Justin Timberlake has been vocal about his one-night stands with Britney Spears. He released another diss song, “What Goes Around….Comes Around,” which was allegedly about Britney Spearss divorce.Justin Timberlake, Dr. Phil, and Diane Sawyer. They should be the ones saying WE ARE SORRY BRITNEY— Pink Ranger (@memekriot) February 7, 2021Timberlake has been facing a lot of backlash, but it is important to note that the documentary wasn’t just about him.

Related: It’s Coming Home! Justin Timberlake throws his support behind EnglandRelated: 10 famous musicians and their favorite football clubsJustin Timberlake was just one of many people to blameThe evidence is pretty damning, and some fans have even acknowledged that the documentary was right about them as well. Many people were responsible for the downfall of Britney Spears. The media used every opportunity to make Britney Spears look like a psychopath.It’s the day before the Super Bowl, I’m watching the new Britney Spears doc, and I keep hoping that one day Justin Timberlake gets the reckoning he has coming to him.— Sarah V. (@thatexplosion) February 6, 2021Fans started hating on Britney Spears, unaware of the pressure she was going through. Every mistake was amplified and things just got worse. One night, Britney Spears shaved her head and went into a psychiatric hospital.Britney Spears’ longtime assistant and friend Felicia Culotta gave a rare interview for the new documentary and she gave her thoughts on the controversial conservatorship— (@JustJared) February 6, 2021Fans and Justin Timberlake should have been more sensitive to her struggles at the time. They failed her. Hopefully, she’ll find some peace soon.

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Published 08 Feb 2021, 00:30 IST


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