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3 most underwhelming Normal Pokemon from Kanto

Normal-type Pokemon are not as normal as their typing implies, but some are certainly underwhelming.Not every Pokemon from Kanto can be a Snorlax or a Tauros. Those are two Normal-types that are incredibly powerful and useful during the Kantonian journey. Like with every Pokemon type category, though, there are certain creatures that fall short of the rest. Kanto is where it all began and while some of these Pokemon may be popular, they aren’t that great.Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.3 most underwhelming Normal Pokemon from Kanto#3 – Porygon Image via Game Freak

Porygon is a strange Pokemon to say the least. It should honestly have received a different typing, such as Psychic. Instead, it is stuck with as a Normal-type. It only has a weakness to Fighting-type moves. Everything else does normal damage.Porygon could learn a lot of awesome moves in Generation I. Unfortunately, it can’t put them to good use. Its stats are pretty bland. It’s underwhelming because it is such a cool Pokemon design, but everything else is rather boring about it.#2 – Persian Image via The Pokemon CompanyPersian is super quick, and much like Porygon, is only weak to Fighting-type Pokemon. As Meowth’s evolution, however, more was expected from this fiesty feline. Many fans remember it as being Giovanni’s signature Pokemon.This Pokemon seemed way more powerful than it actually was. Simply compared to other Normal-type Pokemon like Chansey and Kangaskhan, Persian is extremely underwhelming. It’s a shame that it took a regional form to bring it back to the spotlight.#1 – Farfetch’d Image via The Pokemon Company

In terms of cool looking Normal-type Pokemon, Farfetch’d is the most underwhelming of them all. In the anime and games, Farfetch’d appears as a no nonsense, snarky creature. It doesn’t back it up in battle, however.It has pretty meager stats and can only learn two Flying-type moves. Galarian Farfetch’d is a great Pokemon, but the one from Kanto is as underwhelming as a Normal-type can be.
Published 11 Feb 2021, 00:21 IST


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