Plans for Dominik Mysterio’s heel turn possibly revealed (Report)

Dominik Mysterio has done a praiseworthy job ever since he made his debut in WWE as an in-ring Superstar. Despite having little experience inside the ring, Rey Mysterio’s son has emerged as a talented young Superstar who has been heavily pushed by the WWE. It is now being speculated that Dominik Mysterio may soon betray his father and turn heel.The young Superstar has become a pivotal part of WWE Smackdown of late and has remained in Rey Mysterio’s corner since his debut. However, as of the last few weeks, Dominik Mysterio has started to come into his own and has gone against the directions of his father by attacking King Corbin from behind and not listening to Rey Mysterio’s advice for him.Wade Keller of PWTorch was asked by a fan if WWE is moving towards a heel turn for Dominik Mysterio. Keller stated that it looks like turning Dominik Mysterio is the direction the company is headed and talked about why a heel turn could happen soon. ‘I think they’re headed towards Dominik turning heel. I’ve been an advocate for Dominik, getting a push ahead of his tenure and resume and the evidence that he is ready for it, and I think he might end up being a good heel. It does seem like that’s where they are going – rebuffing Rey’s advice last week and being heelish and attacking Corbin from behind.”(Please give H/t credit to PWTorch and interlink this article if you use the quotes)What’s next for Dominik Mysterio?Dominik Mysterio bypassed the NXT route and has become a part of the main roster in WWE. While he is still green in the ring, WWE have shown faith in the young Superstar.A feud with his father Rey Mysterio would not only be something that fans would enjoy, but it would also help Dominik evolve as a performer in WWE.
Published 10 Feb 2021, 17:35 IST


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