“Two of the best at what they do” – The Undertaker puts over two current WWE Superstars

The Undertaker has been a hot topic with the WWE Universe as of late after calling today’s current product “soft.” But we don’t have to harp over that one interview forever.The Undertaker recently spoke to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to talk about his final in-ring wrestling match at WWE Extreme Rules 2019. The match also featured two of the biggest WWE Superstars right now, Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre.“That match meant a lot to me. I go all the way back with Shane to when he was in college. I have a long-lasting relationship with all the Samoans, and Roman is one of the Samoan greats. As a human being, I think the world of Roman. And Drew is one of those genuine guys. Anytime I’m around, he’s right there picking my brain. He’s not doing it because it looks good to others, he does it because he genuinely wants to get better. Those are two legitimately great stars.”The Undertaker was very pleased with the tag team match and went out of his way to state just how exceptional McIntyre and Reigns are.“We were all on the same page, we knew what the objective was, and that match was special. Roman and Drew are very special talents, two of the best at what they do.”The Undertaker recalls his WWE Extreme Rules tag team matchThis clash was so important to The Undertaker because the match he had before this tag team affair was against Goldberg at WWE Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia. It was a match that fell apart after Goldberg sustained an injury halfway through.The match at WWE Extreme Rules was in the mind of The Undertaker, as it was a shot at redemption.“I was trying to erase that stain out of memory [from the Goldberg match]. I’ve heard from so many people who think they know all about wrestling and what I should do, but no one has any idea how I grade myself. It’s far more severe than people may think, and my expectations for what I do are higher than people think, too. So that was a fun night.”

Do you have fond memories of The Undertaker’s last in-ring match at WWE Extreme Rules 2019? Was that the perfect match for The Deadman to go out on? Let us know by sounding off in the comments section below.
Published 11 Feb 2021, 04:10 IST


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