Miami Dolphins

Ryan Fitzpatrick reveals the two traits that will make Tua Tagovailoa a superstar

Ryan Fitzpatrick has seen enough to know Tua Tagovailoa is destined for NFL superstardom.In their one season together with the 2020 Miami Dolphins, veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick saw first-hand the special type of talent that is Tua Tagovailoa.Though their NFL careers could not be any more different, Fitzpatrick and Tagovailoa guided the Dolphins to a 10-6 record and nearly qualified for the postseason.While Fitzpatrick is entering year 17 in the league out of Harvard, Tagovailoa is tasked with being the franchise quarterback of the Dolphins year two out of Alabama. Fitzpatrick thinks Tagovailoa has what it takes to be a star.Tua Tagovailoa possesses traits most rookies do not have coming out of college“Well, he definitely has those starlike qualities, the persona, guys gravitate towards him,” said Fitzpatrick to FanSided on behalf of MTN DEW Major Melon. “I think that’s really important, to have an infectious personality and one where people want to follow you. And I know he has that.“I think his two major strengths are accuracy and anticipation, and those are two that are difficult things to have while coming into the league. Usually, those are things you’re going to learn over the first few years. Right away, it was apparent those were two of his biggest strengths. So I’m looking forward to see what is to come with him. I think he’s got a really bright future.“You know, it’s hard to play quarterback in the league. It is exceptionally hard to play quarterback as a rookie. There are so many things, not just on the field, but off that are new to you that you’re trying to get figured out. And so I think he’s going to make a huge jump this year from year one to year two.”Being able to throw the ball accurately and with anticipation are two traits that translate marvelously to the NFL from the college game. Of course, the game has to slow down a bit for Tagovailoa in year two for him to play at the same high level he did at Alabama.However, if Fitzpatrick thinks Tagovailoa takes a huge leap forward in year two, then we better believe him.If Fitzpatrick is right about Tagovailoa’s growth as a passer, Miami is about to be a true contender.Ryan Fitzpatrick spoke with FanSided on behalf of MTN DEW Major Melon. In case you missed it, MTN DEW announced this week that the brand is back for Super Bowl LV with an ad featuring actor and WWE Superstar John Cena, including a $1 million first-of-its kind in-game contest as fans get transported to the wacky world of MTN DEW Major Melon. 

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