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“She’s Going to Reach Very, Very High Levels” – WWE Hall of Farmer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Praises Bianca Belair and Edge

WWE Hall of Famer, Steve Austin, holds multiple Royal Rumble records, including the most wins in the marquee match of the event. Apart from his Rumble records, Austin’s profound knowledge about the wrestling industry makes him one of the most valuable people in professional wrestling. Recently, Austin appeared on the latest episode of WWE’s The Bump. Host Kayla Braxton asked him his opinions on the winners of the Royal Rumble 2021. Austin first gave his opinion on the ‘EST’, who has seen a meteoric rise in her career since last year. WWE even broadcasted a Chronicle episode focusing on her journey, and Austin watched that. “To hear her backstory and where she came from, and where she came from, and the struggles that she overcame, and how goal-oriented… she is… And the EST thing about being the greatest, being the fastest, being the strongest… I mean that to be such at such a young age and to think of something that; that’s an incredible marketing ploy right there.” Austin thinks that Bianca Belair is one of the smartest persons in the company. “She has a great look, tons of athletic ability and so much charisma,” Austin said. “Bianca Belair is going to be around for a long time. She is going to reach very, very high levels.” Steve Austin thinks Edge did a ‘shoot’ last year As far as the Men’s Royal Rumble goes, Austin thought Randy Orton will join him with three wins this year. However, Edge defied his expectations and emerged as the surprise victor. Looking back at the “Rated-R Superstar’s return last year, Austin said it was truly phenomenal because they still had the live crowd back then. “It was almost like it was a shoot. As a performer, you live and die by that response and that’s a shoot. Ad nobody can tell you any different because if they do they are lying to you. “So for him to win that and make that kind of quote. He did not want to understand how it is happening. He just wants to enjoy the ride. So, what a great moment! “It could have gone either way. But it picked a great direction. Now I’m hooked to the Road to WrestleMania.” concluded Austin. Edge and Bianca will both choose their respective champions for WrestleMania. Edge recently appeared on NXT to tease a match with NXT Champion Finn Balor. Bianca, on the other hand, is yet to choose her opponent. The next few weeks will be crucial for the two stars as well as the WWE Universe. Read More – What Went Wrong with Sting’s WWE Run in 2015?

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