Add the Wow and the Aha Factors to the Residence With Splendid Tile Designs

Besides the classic furniture, electronics to entertain and perhaps rare artworks besides the appliances, what else would be found attractive in residences? Living in the 21st century, the answer would be tile-based decorations that make an essential difference to the scene, the home interiors or outside. When tiles initially did get used widely, they first entered bathrooms and kitchens for obvious reasons. Wetness would be better managed with tiles that are not only water resistant but are easy to clean, maintain hygienic surroundings, are cost-effective and look good.

While planning a construction, home renovation or extension, give a second thought to tiles and how they could not only improve upon home esthetics but also improve home value if the intention is to sell at some later date. Each aspect of the home and surroundings could do with some graceful tile colors, designs, and materials with so much variety created by artists and technology.

The scene outdoors

While one would normally start with the interiors, let us glance outwards! Garden beds could be surrounded by a maze of pathways made up of the most scintillating stone tiles. They will weather the extremes of heat and cold and require almost no maintenance. Flowers, grasses, a pond perhaps along with a rock garden and the landscape would look like a scene from a fairy tale. Children would love it and parties and picnics under the stars would become profound occasions.

Extending the home outwards is becoming a fashion now that a little resort right in the garden or backyard would provide a cozy niche for get-togethers instead of having to travel great distances amidst traffic and pollution, crime and hidden dangers. The aged and the children would find it particularly appealing. Four walls in brick and mortar no longer make up a room in the contemporary sense. A variety of tile mosaics, glass tiles, marble, granite, and slate are some of the amazing varieties to bring character and solidity to your dreams and environment.

Shopping for tiles

Choose any color and design, size, shape and budget and some tile varieties would be available to fit into those parameters! The cooking area and backsplash in the outdoor kitchen, the fireplace surrounding and the walls, table tops, ceiling, and floor could all have their sensational claddings, mostly within easy budgets. Lessons on tile decoration are everywhere around you in the town, whether it is the shopping malls, the airports and healthcare centers, shops and homes too.

What is it that the family fancies about tiles? Much would depend upon the spaces available and the budgets too. Go in for some exciting colors and a combination of tile varieties, having different borders in the wall and floor arrangements rather than a single pattern everywhere.

Catalogues and websites besides showrooms in the town bring you face to face with an enormous tile variety. Perhaps some are fancied due to exotic designs, colors or materials. If neutral shades of grays and browns, whites and creams are preferred, you have excellent marble tiles or cheaper porcelain imitations of the marble surface! The different cultures have contributed shapes and designs to evoke faraway mystic cultures like the Middle Eastern, Indian or African. What motifs attract the family? Perhaps it is natural art or prehistoric, the beachside, the forest or industry, that attracts certain people.

Entryways and gateways

The main gate, the driveway, and the home entrance require special decoration and an ambiance in keeping with the family culture and philosophy. If it is a family business, themes would be chosen accordingly. Areas that witness a lot of rough use should be using natural stone tiles perhaps or even some porcelain tiles that are very durable. Color blending or contrasting, soothing colors or loud shades are decisions to be taken by the family group in consultation with colleagues and friends.

A fantasy effect, traditional or contemporary, rustic or minimalist?

A multicolored environment is possible like in a Walt Disney like atmosphere. Create cheerful environments with blue and red but do not overdo it. While living rooms could live it up, bedrooms should have sober, quiet shades to encourage rest and sleep. So should meditation corners be planned? Break away from the plain walls and wooden floors and live with the times in a sea of excitement and color, the hallmark of the new generation.

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