Adding Charm To Your Home With Italian Country Decorating

Employing the charming style of Italian country decorating is a fantastic way to improve your home with informal and elegant atmosphere. If you really like earth tones with splashes of color in addition to old pottery and chippy painted items with a country flair then you will be sure to want this design for your home. By adding Italian home decor in your home, you can make it feel like it is part of the Tuscan countryside no matter where you reside.

Window treatments are an important aspect of any design and help to give a professional look to your home. With the Italian country style, you want an earthy and decorative ambiance, so think about this when choosing curtains, drapes or shutters for your windows. Since country is simplicity, simple curtains are best. You could even just use simple sheers and then put a valance on top of the windows if you want a more polished off look.

If you really want your home to stick out, you should include the right accessories like paintings and knick knacks which reflect a simple, country look. Choose country style items as well as those with an Italian flair. Decorating with majolica pottery can add a colorful touch to any room and bring in a taste of Italy to boot. Adding your own design touches will add unique appeal in your home.

Fabulous lighting fixtures can truly round out the Italian country decorating theme. While you are considering your lighting fixtures for this decor, you can really go two ways – one way is to stick to the simple country theme and the other to go with a more ornate “Italian” feel. If you want a more simple design, stick to more traditional lighting that isn’t too fancy, but if you want to infuse some elegance into your d├ęcor, include lamps and chandeliers that are dripping with crystals.

You want to use your furniture to add interest to your room and enhance your interior decorating scheme. For this design, pieces that are oak or pine can work well, but if you want more formality try to include a few pieces from cherry or mahogany.

Finally, draw your interior decorating scheme together by using the proper area rugs. Remember that your flooring is a feature of your interior design, so you’ll need to decide on a product that matches or coordinates with both the colors and also the decorating theme. Try subtle colors with your unassuming rugs and your floor choices will likely compliment the design favorably. Oriental rugs can go nicely depending on your other furnishing, but for a more country look you’ll want to stick to plain rug in beige tones.

Accessorizing your home with Italian country decorating style isn’t that difficult if you use your creativity. By going for the most fitting pieces, you can make your room look like it was decorated by a designer without having the big designer price.

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