Birthday Party Ideas for Sweet 16

Sweet 16 parties are a must for today’s teenage girl. This party marks the beginning of independence for the teen, as she further ventures into the adult world. The trend today is towards a large, sometimes extravagant birthday party.

Because of the nickname “Sweet 16,” many girls are choosing to have a candy themed party. The color scheme can be done in pastel colors, such as light blue or pink with chocolate brown accents. Candy canes can be glued facing each other to make hearts, which can then be placed together for centerpiece decorations. Personalized chocolate bars make excellent party favors.

Another popular party idea is a tropical theme. Decorate the venue with palm trees, bright colors, and tiki lamps. You can serve non-alcoholic pina coladas and daiquiris. This type of celebration works indoors, but is a great idea for a backyard party or one that takes place at a park or beach.

For a more casual party atmosphere, try renting out a skating rink or bowling alley. Both have arcades and snack bars, which leaves little left for the party planners to have to take care of. You can set aside time to have cake and to open the birthday gifts, but the majority of time can be spent enjoying the activities.

Theme parks make for a fun party during the summer months. Parks often offer an afternoon discount, which allow you to enter the park after four PM. Again, little preparation is required by the party planners as the party will take care of itself.

For the girl who really wants a spectacular party, a party planner can help fulfill all your wishes. Many girls will rent out a hotel ballroom or reception hall for their party. Caterers, professional entertainment, and a grand entrance all are possibilities. However, be prepared to spend at least fifteen thousand dollars on this type of party.

When considering birthday gift ideas for girls celebrating a sweet sixteen, it is often best to provide the party girl with money. She’ll have a lot of expenses if she is getting a car for the first time. Clothes, books, and CD’s all make excellent choices. Most stores offer gift cards which are an easy way to insure that the birthday girl will enjoy her gift.

Celebrating a sweet sixteen can be an important moment in a teenager girl’s life and having a party with her friends and family can make it very special. Whether you choose a low-key casual environment or a large formal high-class event, it is sure to be a night she will remember for years to come.

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