Building Your Perfect Doll House

First, choose a house frame. Today, you can find many ready made doll house frames that stand empty and unpainted in many craft stores. These houses have a lovely structure, are sometimes styled like Victorian mansions or colonial homes and they are ready to be used and worked upon. If you choose a ready made doll house structure, the work of building the actual house will be saved. However, you can always elect to choose your own planks of wood, cut them up into pieces, and construct a custom made house of your own. Regardless, once you build the frame of the house, it is important to know what the theme of your entire house will be. That will help you achieve a cohesion at the end that will be better than if you sort of plan as you go along.

So, from the start, know if you want a girl’s dream house paradise, or if you want something elegant and mansion like, or if you want something modernized or retro, or something that is more practical or something crazy and abstract. Once you decide your theme, you will be able to make decisions that reflect your theme properly.

So, suppose you chose a Victorian mansion style. That leaves you with a color palette of either yellow or pale blue or pink or grey or black or white for the outer coloring and shingles of the house. Usually Victorian mansions had lattice shutters and ornate designs so you would need to take that into consideration. Of course, if your theme was something more like a little girl’s dream house, you could choose colors like bright pink or baby pink or bright blue or something more fitting for that. Once you have your theme selected, you can really decide what kind of color scheme is most appropriate. That really sells the theme of the house, the color you choose, and so picking the right one is essential.

For the inside of the house, you can find furnishings from a variety of stores. Small couches and chairs that are built like exact replicas of real Victorian chairs with claw feet and book shelves and fancy armoires make excellent pieces and additions to your collection if that is the theme you choose. For the girl’s dream house, you can choose white furniture or pink or any other kind of color to achieve a sort of dreamy effect. There are many accessories to choose from, like tables and beds and chairs and rugs and lighting fixtures and a number of other things that you can decide about including.

In fact, a dollhouse is really like a collection in progress. As you furnish it one way, you can always add pieces or build pieces to add to different rooms. Also, you can get small figures or dolls to fill the rooms up with life like presences and you can get animal figures, as well. You can get tiny food figures to fill the kitchens and create a small plastic feast on the dining table. No matter what you choose, there is something good out there for your dollhouse and something that would make it a wonderful addition to your collection.

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