Cafeterias in Offices – Tips on Creating Corporate Cafeterias

Creating a fun, comfortable and efficient refreshment area is essential for any workspace. Here are a few great ideas for those who are planning on renovating or creating an office cafeteria.

The cafeteria is one place where employees can unwind and relax amidst all the pressures of work. It is also a place where you can discuss business possibilities with potential clients and customers on a more personal level. When you plan to do up the canteen of your office, your interior design ideas need to be effective and functional. How well you maintain your cafeteria and present it, in a way, also reflects on how well you treat your employees. So if you want to create a perfect ten impression on anyone who visits your office, make sure that you have a fabulous looking refreshment area.

Use of appetizing colors

The top priority in designing an eating space is the color. First of all, this is a space where one should be able to relax and then, of course, eat! Using warm colors is proven to increase appetite and even refresh the mind. Colors like yellow, red, orange or even green work really well. If your logo has a specific color, using that as a theme can also add a certain brand identity to the space. However, if the color of your logo is blue, it is best avoided. Blue, apparently, is one of the most unappetizing colors. Also, use a color that will not hold a stain and is easy to maintain, given that many different people are going to be using the space and stains become commonplace.

The furniture

The office interiors must have effective cafeteria furniture included in it. Comfort and simplicity are the key elements that you ought to keep in mind when you are purchasing furniture for the eating area. Materials like fiber, plastic or metal are the most preferred due to ease of maintenance. It is a fact that not everyone will be as gentle and neat as you expect them to be. Choose simple chairs and tables that are comfortable for those using it.

Infuse hygiene into the design

Hygiene is critical in a space that involves food. So, in keeping with the need to have a space that is appealing, you must also make the design functionally effective. Having separate areas for soiled utensils, washing area with high end plumbing and counters that allow easy service is very important. Garbage disposal is another major issue that you may face when you are dealing with a large footfall in a limited space. So, make sure that your interior design ideas touch upon these nitty-gritty essentials.

Make the place work for you

Finally, take your refreshment area a step ahead of being just a place where people come, eat and walk away. Use the walls in this space to send out motivational ideas to your employees. Pictures of world leaders and inspirational personalities, quotes that inspire and even murals that have a moral can be subtle ways of passing on a message. Since it is an unwind space, you can also arrange for recreation like board games, dart games or books. Use novel ideas to make the cafeteria employee friendly and show people who work for you that you care.

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