Carriage Houses Plans

These are plans based on special type of shelter. This shelter is based on a garage. It has a living area, one bedroom and bathroom above it. It can accommodate 2-3 cars. The bedrooms are spacious. Some people call it a “granny flat.” It has big windows and decks. The first floor accommodates the cars and the workshop. The upper floor is used as a living room and for recreation. The dimensions of the plan are: Main floor- 029 sq.ft., living area- 029 sq.ft, attached garage- 781 sq. ft., full bedrooms- 1, depth- 30′, width- 39’2″, exterior walls 2×4 and maximum ridge height- 29′ 2″.

Carriage houses plans are designed such that the upper space has two bedrooms. The architecture is a blend of art that is supported by columns of stone. There’s a staircase from the garage to the guest suite. The kitchen is well equipped.

The dimensions of the plan are as follows: main floor- n/a, living area- 908 sq.ft, second floor- 908 sq.ft, detached garage- 1,079 sq.ft, full bathrooms- 1, depth- 33′, exterior walls- 2×6, width- 41′ and maximum ridge height- 26′. Carriage houses plans are drawn to be able to accommodate a family. You can be access one room from another. This makes the area look bigger. The master suite has two cabinets and a private bedroom.

Carriage houses plans are designed to give variety. Some are tailored depending on availability of space and money. In summary, these shelters contain the following: a staircase from the outside to the upper floor that has a living room an a kitchen. The upper floor also has a bedroom with a walking wardrobe and spacious bathroom. The lower floor that can be modified into an office or studio.

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