Country Home Decor – Unique Collectibles That Add Country Charm to Your Home

Are you looking for unique and one-of-a-kind country home décor ideas to give your home that true country look? Here are several tips on how to use items from days gone by to add character and charm to your country decorating ideas.

Hanging Match Holders – The first hanging match holders were crudely made out of wood and later made out of tin. They were used well into the 20th century, but by 1950 manufacture had all but come to an end. They have now become collectibles and add a unique touch to any country home décor.

Hand-lettered Signs – There’s something nostalgic about aged, hand-lettered signs that advertise everything from fresh eggs to the ice cream flavor of the day. These are popular among collectors as well as popular items for skilled craftsperson’s to replicate. They add character to any room in your house and make country home decorating fun and enjoyable.

Darners – Yes, those sewing tools that were in every household many years ago. Darners were used, of course, to keep fabric stretched tight while it was being darned or mended. Although there isn’t a need for darners in this day and age, they are very popular as collectibles. You will find them in antique stores made from a variety of materials. What a great conversation piece to add to your country home décor!

Paint by Numbers – And you thought the 1950’s paint-by-number kits were a thing of the past! They are now collector’s items because of their nostalgic appeal and because they are seen as works of folk art. Look in second-hand shops, garage sales, and on the Internet for these treasures.

Game Boards – Board games have been a favorite of children as well as adults for the last century and a half. Now, the antique wooden game boards are sought after by collectors specializing in folk art. They are popular because of their colorful patterns and designs.

These are just a few suggestions on how to add a touch of nostalgia to your home and give it a true sense of country. What fun you will have when shopping for and sharing your time-honored treasures with friends and family and at the same time adding that touch of charm to your country decorating ideas.

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