Create ‘Instant Tuscany’ In Your Home – Just With Paint!

Choosing the color palette for your home is your first consideration in your Tuscan makeover. It’s that easy to get ‘instant’ results.

Paint is a relatively simple and straightforward way to transform a room. With the right colors, you can create that warm Tuscan feeling in your home. And, once started on your Tuscan transformation, you’ll be inspired to continue and create your own private Tuscany – at home.

Some of these concerns/questions may have crossed your mind. – “I am preparing to paint a home I just bought and am unsure of the tones to use. I’m afraid to buy the paint at this point.” “Am I using the ‘right’ colors for Tuscan design?” “Where do I start? If it’s paint, then what colors?” “How do I choose the right paint colors that will go with my furniture, give the feel of warmth and color and still allow lots of light?” Color, color, color – a recurrent theme among those wanting to decorate in the Tuscan style.

The colors of the Tuscan palette derive from nature – the soft and cool colors of sky and trees to warm reds, oranges and yellows that seem to pour straight from the earth and sun. Choosing the color palette for your home is your first consideration in your Tuscan makeover.

So, what colors will work for you and your Tuscan style?

To decide on your paint palette, you can choose your own Tuscan ‘inspiration” piece’ – some colorful Tuscan pottery, a fabulous scarf from a trip to Italy, a painting or picture with a Tuscan theme. From this inspirational piece, you can determine your color palette, matching the significant pieces of furniture or furnishings you intend to keep (e.g. sofas, fabric from window treatments, carpet…) and decide on your primary and secondary (accent) colors. This is an insider trick that professional interior designers and decorators use, and it works!

Do you spot a color you just love? What colors looks good on you? (You want to look good in your home!) What draws you – Lighter tones? Darker tones? Blues? Greens? Yellows? Reds? You don’t have to finalize your color choices at this stage. There is no law that says you have to pick your paint color and stick with it! You can continue to ‘tweak’ your color choices as you make other decisions (e.g. flooring, fabric, surfaces, furniture, etc.)

Remember to check your lighting. If there is a lot of grayness, you may want to warm up the room. If it’s already a very sunny room, you can stay on the lighter, cooler side. Your decision is about how you ‘feel’ the temperature in the room and whether you want to warm it up or cool it down. Also important is what ‘feeling tone’ you would like in the room. Trust your instincts as you get more familiar with Tuscan paint colors.

Remember, paint is a safe, relatively inexpensive, yet a transformative place to start.

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