Creating an Unforgettable Home Decor – Shabby Chic Style!

When it comes to home décor, shabby chic is certainly quite popular – and for good reason. Not only is it classy and stylish, it is also easy to pull off if you have a good eye for detail. At the same time, it is easy to go drastically wrong with your décor if you don’t have a good understanding of the shabby chic style.

One of the great advantages of decorating in shabby chic is the fact that you can create the look without spending a great deal of money if you like. In fact, you can take items that you already have in your home and “weather” them by painting them in layers and chipping off pieces of paint or by cleaning up older items that you might already have on hand. At the same time, when it comes to home décor, shabby chic items can be found in abundance at trendy stores online as well as off.

Due to the popularity of this type of home décor, shabby chic retailers are becoming increasingly more common. Nonetheless, one of the best places to look for shabby chic items is online. This is because online retailers are not limited in their store space and, therefore, are capable of offering a wider variety of items to their shoppers.

Look for furniture and accessories in vintage or secondhand stores. They will already look weathered which gives the item true character!

When implementing this home decorating style, it is important to find the fine line between chic and cheap. Just because an item looks old and weathered, it isn’t necessarily chic. Remember, you goal is not to make your home look as if you can’t afford new furniture and decorative items! Rather, you are trying to pay homage to vintage styles by displaying high quality pieces that may or may not be as old as they appear to be!

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