Cupcake Designs Sure To Floor Guests

Cupcakes are the ideal sweet treats. They’re portioned just right, allow for creativity to be unleashed and are filled with pure goodness. Their popularity is so notable that there are stores catering to cupcakes and nothing else.

Unlike cakes, cupcakes are easier to store and transport. Baking them is not a chore and since the serving is small – one cupcake per serving – they’re an inexpensive choice for birthday parties, weddings and gala events. What’s more, they’re a delight to decorate and children love nothing better than to be asked to help out.

Design ideas for cupcakes are unlimited. Where mistakes are easily noticeable on cakes, those on cupcakes can be easily remedied and no one would be any the wiser.

If you’re to host a party and need urgent cupcake designs, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of surefire ways to make these small, memorable delights strike a chord with guests..

Flower theme

Cupcakes and flowers complement each other perfectly. There’s not all that much to do and most of the work will be dedicated to adding the frosting.

Take inspiration from flowers like hydrangeas, roses and marigolds. The idea is to completely fill the tops with flowers. You’ll need star-shaped decorating tips for the flowers and frosting of various colors like blue, lavender, red and yellow. Adding accessories like flower pot-shaped cups and ice cream cones as holders will give them a fresh twist.

Winter theme

If your party is being held in the winter, celebrate the season with snowflake cupcakes. They’re pretty, easy to make and are definite conversation starters. You can make the snowflakes by using waxed paper, tracing the shapes and filling them with melted white chocolate. Pop them into the fridge for half an hour to set. The refrigerated snowflakes should sit on a pile of pale blue icing and be topped with a scattering of sugar before being served.

Another idea is piping Christmas trees on cupcakes. You’ll need a star-shaped tip, green coloring paste and a steady hand. Dust with silver or gold glitter for a festive touch.

Vintage theme

Vintage themes are always gorgeous and cupcakes shouldn’t miss out. Primary colors are muted green, pale pink, white, silver and gold. Lace and beads are key characteristics.

Vintage-themed cupcakes are a little tricky to pull off because the details are what make lace look like, well, lace. You’ll need piping icing color of your choice and a fine decorating tip. As for the beads, you’ll need to cut fondant using round cookie cutters.

The best part about doing a vintage theme is that you can use it as an opportunity to really show off your creative side. Creating lace, in particular, is fun because it’s all about using dots, curves and straight lines.

Halloween theme

Come Halloween and it’s time for ghosts and ghouls to enjoy the spotlight. Celebrate the holiday by dedicating your decorating talents to all things spooky. As with the rest of the ideas mentioned above, you’ll need the appropriate food coloring paste, icing and a careful hand.

The simplest idea is to pipe spider webs on cakes. Another is to pipe ghosts with white icing or create them out of marzipan. You can also design monsters by piling green frosting and adding dots for the eyes.

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