Custom Articulating Monitor Arms With Built-In Keyboard And Mouse Trays

Workstations can be outfitted with custom articulating monitor arms and a variety of other accessories and features. When a workstation is equipped with attachments in a haphazard manner or a non-ergonomic accessory is installed, the result is often a work area that is inconvenient to use. Workers find themselves reaching, bending, and stretching to access components they use most frequently. By installing customized, articulating accessories, companies concerned with worker wellness prevent this from happening.

After months of using their cumbersome computer workstations, many employees experience aches and pains they did not previously have. Careful thought about what could have caused these leads them to conclude that it is the improperly outfitted workstation. Starting with an ergonomic computer workstation prevents this from happening, saving companies from compensating employees for workplace injuries. The monitor stand can easily be adjusted in any direction for screen positioning suitable for various users and tasks.

In addition to being ergonomic, this platform conserves precious desk space. The monitor is kept off the work surface and when equipped with a built-in keyboard and mouse tray, so are these components. Stability is not an issue because the structure features a die-cast aluminum frame. If the monitor must be mounted or dismounted, an optional bracket can be purchased that enables quick-release of the screen. Cables will also not be flowing all over the place creating a safety hazard because the platform features integrated cable management.

When purchasing industrial furniture, consumers often do not consider buying environmentally-friendly components. They should because repurposing aluminum to create this equipment helps reduce environmental waste. While they are doing their part for the planet, they will likely be improving workplace efficiency because they can access their computer screen, mouse, and keyboard much easier. Arms are available in different mount styles including rear post, clamp post, and through-hole grommet.

The height adjustment feature of these stands involves gas-spring technology, so users will not get a back injury when adjusting the height of their monitors. Screens can rotate a full 360 degrees for viewing in portrait or landscape orientations. Monitors can even be tilted at a maximum 60 degree angle, customizing the view even further. Keyboard trays move independently of monitor platforms, making it possible for users to swivel or tilt the monitor without adjusting the keyboard position.

Most companies have converted to flat screen monitors, requiring changes in the design of these articulating arms to accommodate the new equipment. Manufacturers offer stands that feature front end adjustment and accommodate multiple monitors. Assembly line managers can install eight monitors on a single stand to keep an eye on what is happening throughout the facility.

Custom articulating monitor arms make workstations more comfortable and reduce workplace injuries resulting from improperly configured work areas. Each person working at the station can adjust the monitor to suit his or her height and angle preferences. Adding a keyboard and mouse tray keeps these components off the work surface, freeing the desktop to hold project plans or documents necessary to complete the task at hand.

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