ESD/Static Control Furniture: Industrial Workbenches

Some companies that distribute industrial furniture also manufacture it, which allows them to customize products based on specifications provided by customers. This option is suitable for any customer who cannot find pre-made furniture in the desired size or with the necessary features. Industrial workbenches are standard equipment in many work settings and some environments require an ESD or static control feature.

ESD stands for electro static discharge, which is one of several things that can damage or destroy computer or other hardware components. Similar to a shock received when feet are rubbed on carpet and then something metal is touched, ESD can occur during computer work and can cause touched components to malfunction. The user need not feel a shock in order for ESD to occur.

The best way to prevent ESD is to use a grounding mat, wear an ESD wrist strap, or work at an ESD table. Not all floor surfaces support the use of mats and these can be intrusive when placed on a work surface. Therefore, a workbench designed to control ESD is the preferred product in many environments. This table is intended for use with sensitive electrical components and features an ESD static control plastic laminated work surface.

Some manufacturers can apply static control to various styles of tables they offer. The surface material itself has an ESD/static control feature rather than a coating merely being applied to the surface. This eliminates the need for a tabletop mat, which can be expensive and curl after a prolonged period of use. Tables may be available in standard sizes, including those designed for standing tasks, as well as custom dimensions. For environments where special accommodations are required, ADA accessible height styles are also available.

A static dissipative laminated work surface may be chosen for the top area of the main work surface only, for an included lower shelf, or for all work surfaces. Ionizing systems may also be available and customers can choose from a tabletop or overhead version as well as an ionizing air gun. If a table or floor mat is still desired, customers may select choose one for the various work surfaces.

Grounding accessories may also be offered for these workbenches. Grounding jacks are placed on the front legs of tables and designed for a foot or wrist strap connection. These come in a standard configuration, which includes a total of two ports/jacks on the front legs, or standard plus a dual banana jack port with or without a wrist strap. Grounding lead offered for the top and frame of the table is designed to be connected to ground at the customer site.

The best industrial workbenches feature a tubular steel frame with fully-welded connections to prevent dust from collecting. Tubular steel table legs may be equipped with casters to create a mobile workstation. Finish options often include powder-coat and standard polyurethane paint, which is as durable as powder-coat once it has fully cured. It is best to check all options available before deciding on the final product ordered.

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