Finding a Niche to Promote

Easy ways of finding a niche to promote
Finding a niche to get involved in is as easy as going along to your local supermarket and looking at the magazine stand. Here you will see what people are interested in and paying money to read.
I did just that and have compiled a list of specialist magazines which caught my eye, they are:
Classic cars
Healthy eating
Home renovating
These are all general niches. People who purchase these magazines are interested in a niche of a niche; for example, classic car fanatics may be interested in a particular type of classic car. A gardener may not necessarily be interested in growing veggies but rather a particular type of plant such as herbs, ginseng, daffodils, roses, cactus plants or pot plants.
Many TV programs cater for niches. One just needs to look through the TV guide of your local newspaper or magazine with TV listings to see that cooking and do-it-yourself building projects are currently two niches featured on TV.
Travel and religion are two others which are featured.
The fact that these kinds of niches are made into TV shows is proof enough that there are millions of people worldwide who are interested in such niches when you consider the cost of screening these shows.
Another way to find possible niches to promote is to obtain a list of clubs and organisations from your local council or public library. This will give you a sense of what others are interested in. Your local library notice board may give you some ideas as may the notice board at your local supermarket which usually has ads for local organisations.
People will prioritise spending in order that their passions will be catered for, therefore it is important to cater for a person’s wants rather than their needs.
Take a stroll down the main street of your local street and you will see this is the case. You will find shops which cater for niche markets.
Then there are the classifieds in many of the magazines which cater for niches. It all gives you a clue as to what niches others are making money from.
If sellers are spending money on advertising every week then it just goes to show that the advertising is working and there is a demand for what they are selling.
Once you have chosen a niche it is then time to plan a strategy on how to make money from it.
It is by no means necessary to just focus on the internet in order to make money from certain niches. Having an offline presence can be useful in bringing money in while developing your online business.
Gardening is a great offline niche. In my home town of Greymouth with a population of 11,000 there are several stores where one is able to purchase plants. It shows that there is a lot of money being spent in this niche.

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