Home Decor Blues Worth Singing About

It comes as no surprise that our home decor is ultimately a reflection of who we are, be it current and contemporary, traditionalist or an eclectic blend of both. But our decor choices may also be a reflection of who we wish to be, and when it comes to blue that reflection may well come from a penchant for serenity and calm that plumbs the depths of the deep blue sea. The tones, shades and hues of blue that surround us are easily as complex as the emotions that take us through our every day.

Blue intimates many things, not the least of which is a prevailing calm but that pacific nature is not its sole domain. Blue also intones and intimates spirituality which is more often than not the reason why the Madonna is always portrayed in garments of the color. Turquoise blue hints at eternal youth while aqua blue is the color of high ideals. Blue is also a conduit, much like the water that bears our reflection, opening up the flow of conversation and communication. While blue is calming, it also suggests a conservative nature.

When it comes to employing blue in our home decor styling and design, the color easily finds its way into the bathroom and why not, it is after all the consummate water color. So it hardly comes as a surprise that blue is a dominant accessory color to be found in Mediterranean d├ęcor themes. Or in the Hamptons. Blue as a tiled accents, a backsplash behind the sink or the stove, floor tiles or island surfaces in the kitchen may at first glance be a decor choice perceived to be based again on the water source features in the space. On a deeper level, however, the choice of blue may on a deeper level be an attempt to bring be order to the frenetic pace of that particular environs.

The choice of blue as the basis for bedroom decor is a common theme. Again it is meant to suggest control in its darker shades hues. Borrowing from the lighter side of the palette, it is intended as something more ethereal and as prevalently obvious as the light blue of a beautiful morning’s sky at play. That calming blue is meant not only to provide the required and necessary sense of security to lull you into the deepest of sleeps but some people believe its calming influence, particularly in light of its spiritual nature also helps to prevent and ward off night terrors.

Blue as a prevalent and dominating living room home decor element is a conversation starter in every sense of the word. It is intentionally inviting opening itself up to the flow of conversation that passes easily between elements, resting as comfortably as coffee on a table.

Of course, it has its darker side as well. Navy or marine blues are the colors of stormy waters and the color also of denim. Blue can just as easily suggest and intone strength with surprisingly little effort.

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