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Nothing can match a room of your own when you need to concentrate. Whether you are running a business or catching up with the bills, a place dedicated to work could be just what you need. Many studies are small, one-person rooms ideal for freelance work, but if business expands you may need more space. In this case a loft extension can be ideal, separate from the living area but with all the advantages of working from home.

Even if you don’t earn a living at home, you may want a quiet room where you can read, work, revise or listen to music in peace. A study that is used mainly in the evening can look good decorated in a rich, traditional scheme, which creates a warm, enclosing look. Antique or reproduction desks are a natural choice here, and there are period designs available that will conceal the computer effectively.

An alternative is to add a simple side table or length of worktop to act as a separate computer table, and keep the leather-topped desk for use when you are writing and making phone calls. Dark wooden filing cabinets will blend with the surroundings, but a better solution might be to hide clutter in a slim built-in cupboard painted to match the walls. Traditional bookcases suit this style of d├ęcor, and a big leather armchair could be an added incentive for deserting the television.

There is usually plenty of floor space in a loft conversion; the feature that is at a premium in most of them is height. Although sloping ceilings can be a disadvantage in a living room or bedroom, the space under the eaves is actually the perfect site for a desk since there is more than enough headroom when you are sitting down. Otherwise, built-in furniture that nudges you towards the center of the room is the solution here.

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