How to Brainstorm Your Own Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Looking for some outdoor lighting ideas to spruce up your landscaping this year? With a little imagination, and a few well-placed lights, you can bring your outdoor areas to life at night. Here are some helpful tips on brainstorming your own lighting ideas for your garden.

First, let’s talk about what brainstorming is and why you should do it.

Brainstorming a process of free-flow thought, where you come up with ideas and write them down on paper, regardless of how hard, easy, or silly they might seem. It’s a terrific way to come up with some outdoor lighting ideas you might not otherwise not considered.

Do not censor yourself, nor hesitate to write down something that seems difficult, or something you may not know how to do. If you think something might be technically challenging, write it down anyway and consider it later. If it’s beyond the reach of your abilities, you can always consult experts or find other resources to help you.

Also, you don’t rule out an idea just because it sounds too easy, or even silly. Simple ideas like adding half-lights might sound very common but they can add a lot to a garden at night.

To help jumpstart your brainstorming session, here are four different types of lighting fixtures for you to consider.

1. Path Lights/Walkway Lights. As implied by the name, path lights or walkway lights are used to illuminate walkway areas and paths around your home and landscape areas.

2. Lanterns. You can use lanterns to bring a unique lighting perspective to landscaping. Hang lanterns along a wall, in an entry way or gate, along a driveway or sidewalk, or your patio. With a shepherd’s hook lamp post, you can place lanterns just about anywhere you need outdoor lighting.

3. String Lights. String lights can be place in trees or shrubs, along pathways, or attached to patio awnings for a festive look during parties and public gatherings.

4. Flood Lights. Floodlights are used to increase safety and security around the premises, as well as highlight prominent landscape features such as specimen plants, trees, rock formations, or open areas.

After you have brainstormed your thoughts, go through and consider each of them one by one.

Think about factors like how long it would take to implement each idea and how much they will cost. Your goal is to cross out the items on your list that you don’t like, are not feasible, or are too expensive at this time. Eventually you will narrow down your list to just a few ideas that you can use in your landscape lighting design to add flair and personality to your garden.

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