How To Decorate Your Warehouse-Chic Bedroom

In a stagnant economy, repurposing old buildings such as warehouses into shops and homes is a highly profitable method of renovation. Oftentimes developers can get a bargain on an old building in a prime location that is destined for the wrecking ball. If you are looking to buy or move into an apartment and want the city on your doorstep you are likely to have seen or have heard of converted warehouse developments. This article will explore some of the ways you can decorate your warehouse-chic bedroom.

Create A Focal Point

Throughout most warehouse-conversions the most distinguishing features are bare or painted brick walls and original hardwood flooring. These features belie the original purpose of the buildings as the warehouses, factories or offices that they once were. Warehouse-chic is all about re-using, re-purposing and recycling so the best way to create a focal point for your bedroom is to continue this theme. A reclaimed wooden door is quite an interesting way to improve your bedroom. It can be painted to match your décor to also create interest. You or whoever sees the door will wonder where it came from and where it was originally used.

Less Is More

Your bedroom furniture should ideally be hardwood furniture from an office or industrial environment. As this type of furniture isn’t antique, it can usually be sourced from scrap yards or certain furniture shops that sell odds and ends. The most effective warehouse-chic furniture will be in its original condition so don’t be too quick to break open the paint tin, sandpaper or polish. Even without any refinishing, old doors can become excellent backing for mirrors and side-tables can be made from old crates or stools.

Make Creative Use Of Smaller Items

Rusty old scales can make an excellent holder for a pile of books; this is not only practical but it looks great. Oil funnels can make great pen holders, as can simple tin cans and old paint tins. Things needn’t be old in order to set the right tone. You can use relatively new glass jars, bottles and tins to create a warehouse feel. Old wooden work stools can make excellent side tables for your bedroom.

Create Contrast

You can expect to see a lot of bare wood in a warehouse-chic bedroom but varnished wood is also okay. As apartments made from converted warehouses tend to have brick walls, the wood contrasts nicely with the brick. When designing your bedroom, try to create lots of these types of contrasts. Relaxed linen draped over old doors or old cupboards adds warmth and you can add coloured glassware to create areas of interest.

Here are some specific ideas that incorporate the warehouse-chic theme;

Warehouse-Chic Side Table: Use an old wooden work stool, drape off-white linen over it and top it with an old set of scales. Books or a clock can be on or near the scales.

Warehouse-Chic Dressing Table: Use a reclaimed wooden door as the backing and hang a mirror on the front. Use recycled wood to create shelves under the mirror. Use an industrial-style wooden crate to create a seat. Set off the table with gold or silver coloured glassware to hold flowers, makeup, toiletries and bedroom items.

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