How To Install Your Kitchen Floor Tile

Tile floors are among the popular ornamental material for some time now. It takes lots of time for tiles to create a remarkable proof of usefulness and durability. Over time, tile flooring has also become subject for customization and they are now offered in customized designs, special effects and distinct glazes. One of the best ways to create an eye catching kitchen floor tile is to employ subtle arrangement and gradations in color throughout the entire kitchen floor

Installing your kitchen floor tile, whether ceramic, porcelain or stone, suggests a sense of value, durability and strength. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, it can also be of the same cost as your high grade vinyl floor covering especially if you do the installation yourself. Kitchen floor tile can give you a high-rating property appraisal plus ease in maintenance. But these benefits will all be nothing if the tiles aren’t installed well.

How you mount the kitchen floor tiles depends on the surface where it will be mounted and the tile itself. There are different brands of tile flooring and every manufacturer includes certain recommendations for installation and use. For do-it-yourselfers, tile installations can be within their capability range if they have the right tools.

Tools that are needed for Installing Kitchen Floor Tile:

Tile, Tile Cutters, Tile Nippers, Safety goggles, Dust Mask, Trowels, Backer Board, Hammer, Pry bar, Small piece of thin wood, Power Drill, Gloves, Razor blade knife, Circular saw, Jam saw, Level, Tape measure, Chalk line, Painter’s tape, Carpenter’s square, Thin set, Mesh seam tape, Acrylic additive, Tile spacers, Pencil, Putty knife, Grout, Rubber grout float, Silicone caulk, Sponge, towels and water
Tile and grout sealer, Tile cleaner

Installation Steps:

1. Know the aptness of the floor that you wish to tile. If you found out that the kitchen floor isn’t level, you need to utilize a leveling compound that’s available in powdered form. There are times when you even need to mount a new subfloor just to achieve your needed solidness. If the kitchen has an existing vinyl floor and the owners wants to outfit it with ceramic tile, do not directly put in the tile on the vinyl floor because it will surely pop loose afterwards.

2. Employ a tile backer board. You have different types to select from. One type has a mesh covering with a core that appears like crumbled, rough cement. The other type comes with a smooth core. Both types can be obtained ½ inch or ¼ inch. The thickness of the tile backer board depends on some factors like the adjoining floor’s height.

3. Take away all moveable furniture and appliances.

4. Before putting the backboard, find out first if there’s a need to remove the baseboards. In order to remove the quarter round and the baseboard, you can use a hammer, a thin pry bar and the laminate sample or the thin board. Position the thin board against the wall in order to protect it from damage.

5. In installing the backer board, combine the thin set, carefully following the instructions of the bag. Using the notch trowel, spread out the thin set onto the floor. Then put the backer board above the thin set.

6. With a carpenter’s square, tape measure and chalk line, find out a square center starting point.

7. Do a dry lay-out of the tiles to get the size of the tiles at the borders. Bear in mind that it is good to move the center a little than to cut ¼ inch of the tile at the border.

8. Mix again a thin set and starting at the center, apply it in segments and put the tile over it. To guarantee adhesion, employ a twisting motion plus strong downward pressure when installing the tile. Mount first the full size tiles.

9. When they are dry enough, you can start measuring and cutting the tiles which will be put on the edges. Then, install the cut tiles in the same way as the full tiles, leaving small spaces at cabinets and walls. Let it dry for 24 hours.

10. With water and spray cleaner, clean the tiles.

11. Apply grout and let it cure for seven days. If the floor is totally dry, the grout can now be sealed.

After successfully installing the tiles, you can now experience how satisfying it is to step on the kitchen floor tile that you install all by yourself.

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