How to Make Mirrored Furniture

One of the most popular trends in modern furniture at the moment is mirrored furniture. Having mirrored furniture in your home can bring a sense of elegance and beauty to a room that other furniture can’t. However, it can be relatively expensive to buy so it makes sense to learn how to make the up and coming furniture yourself.

This article will take you through a few of the things you need to think about when making mirrored furniture. Another advantage of making your own mirrored furniture is that you can create the exact shape and style that you want. For this reason you shouldn’t feel constricted by any guide to making mirrored furniture but instead use it as a general outline.

When first making mirror furniture it’s probably a good idea to start with a small and relatively inexpensive item. This means you won’t have to worry so much if something goes wrong. Most furniture items can be turned into mirrored furniture but items such as coffee tables make good first projects. You’ll also need a glass cutter and mirrors. Eye protection is also vital when using any sort of power tool.

To begin with you should measure the dimensions of the piece of furniture accurately so you know the size of mirror required. It’s usually a good idea to take several measurements to avoid making a mistake. Once you’ve measured the furniture size you can then cut the mirror to the size required. Always use a ruler when cutting glass as it can look very unprofessional if there isn’t a straight edge. It’s best to cut all the mirror pieces that you need in one go so work out which surfaces of the furniture will be covered using a mirror before you start.

Once you’ve cut the mirror all that’s left to do is attach it using a specially created mirror adhesive. You can find this in almost any DIY shop or online so it shouldn’t be difficult to get hold of. Allow the mirror plenty of time to set into position before moving the furniture. You should be careful to make sure that there are no spaces between the different mirror pieces in order to create a solid and professional look.

Learning how to make furniture made of mirrors is a lot easier than many people think. If you have even a passing interest in DIY then it’s an option you should consider to save money.

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