How to Make Money From Home – Ideas For Extra Dough

It seems like yesterday that I had to get up at 9am for work. The truth is, I haven’t gotten up before 2pm in over 6 months. How is this possible? I’ve found some easy ways to set my own hours by working right here from my living room. Here are my three favorite suggestions for bringing in some extra income with your computer.

1. Freelance, baby! Do you have a skill? Of course you do. Sites like Elance, Guru, and GetAFeelancer all connect skilled providers with both short-term and long-term employment opportunities. People want you write their scripts, or design their website, or come up with a children’s song – I saw a poster the other day that just wanted a name for their school’s prestigious mentoring program. The best part is, you can set your own price – if you’re an expert, sell yourself and bid high. If you ‘re new and want some experience, offer to do the job for much cheaper while providing high quality work.

2. The Forex. Currency trading is the hottest thing in the market right now. Investors are scrambling to take advantage of the chaotic bear market, and stumbling economies around the world are creating some great opportunities for profit. Get in on the action with a program like FXDD Auto – it takes the guesswork out of investing, and can even be programmed to continue trading while you sleep. Even if you’re new to investing, an auto-trading program sorts it all out for you.

3. Be an advertising giant. There are businesses on the web that need people to direct traffic to their site. To do this you must create a website, but that’s not hard. Check out BlueVoda for some great templates you can expand on without needing to know HTML. Also, joining an affiliate management program can connect you to businesses that need advertising, but often you can find affiliate links directly on a merchant’s site. Once you’ve made a deal you can make a site that attracts buyers. When they use the links on your page to get to the merchant you’ve supported, the merchant kicks you back some cash. The more pages you have the more money you’ll make – long after you’re done working!

Working from home is the best thing I could have done for myself. With jobs like these, who needs the morning? Set your own schedule, and wake up when you want. Trust me; it’s worth it.

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