Ideas For Hanging Your Outdoor Pendant Lighting

Outdoor pendant lighting can change the look of your outdoor spaces by enhancing architectural details and shedding a warm illuminating light on the areas you wish to accent. Not only are outdoor pendants a more up-to-date option in exterior lighting options, they’re also a more inviting and cozy welcome for your arriving house guests. From the front porch to the back patio, the outdoor pendant is proving itself to be a formidable opponent for the ceiling flush mounted light. Here are some ways you can incorporate the pendant into your exterior d├ęcor:

The Front Porch – a pendant will do wonders for your front porch – especially if it’s a screened in or otherwise weather protected area. The pendant will immediately give it an “indoor” feel. Having an indoor feel on the exterior will add the illusion of increased square footage as well as bring your guests a warm welcome. If you have the room, hang more than one fixture in uneven numbers and then add a bench, small loveseat or a couple of chairs with a small table and some other decorative touches such as throw pillows and greenery, and you’ll have an instant outdoor living space.

The Back Patio – is an ideal space for a pendant. If your home has roofing over the back patio area, then no other fixture will give it a more cozy environment. Adding a few outdoor pendants in either a circular pattern – in uneven numbers and lengths – will enhance both the round table below as well as the entire space. For a rectangular or square table, hang the outdoor pendants in a group of three either triangular (for a square table) or in row (for the rectangular table.)

This type of lighting is an exterior enhancement that many homeowners are beginning to realize can not only replace their existing lighting but can also increase the home’s exterior beauty and elegance. Outdoor pendants are available in countless styles, in many different shapes and in various sizes and materials. From glass, metals and many combinations of materials, the fixtures are often as beautiful as true works of art. The vast selection assures shoppers that there’s the perfect design that will blend in cohesively with any home’s existing architectural features. Thankfully, they’re also available in prices that fit in with every homeowner’s budget as well. For the greatest selection and price options, start your search online.

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