Industrial Painting – How Industrial Painters Make Your Manufacturing Or Warehouse Facility Look New

In our competitive world, having a productive working facility is critical. A bright and clean work area is necessary for both working in, and for showing to your customers to prove your company is capable of completing their jobs. Facility inspections by current or potential customers has become commonplace, and you are sometimes given little notice to show how you really operate which leaves you little or no time for housecleaning.

The best way to brighten up an industrial building is to ensure that the ceiling and walls are clean and bright. Ceiling painting contractors have increased the illumination of facilities by as much as five times what they were prior to their ceiling painting work being done. Easily measured by using a light meter, the improvement is also visibly obvious to someone with no measuring tools. When you paint the ceilings bright white, the ceiling suddenly becomes a huge reflector of light. Conversely, a dark and dirty unpainted ceiling offers no reflection at all.

Dirty, dark, and unpainted ceilings in factories, plants and warehouses can also be dangerous. They are known to be great hiding places for contamination that can cause spontaneous combustion due to oil residue, paper dust, ink paper dust, and solvents from processes taking place below in a current or previous manufacturing process.

Often the air quality at the ceiling level of an industrial manufacturing plant is very contaminated. Solvents, chemicals, and other remnants of the process taking place below make their way up to the ceiling where they sit. The temperature is usually much higher at the ceiling level as well, which compounds the problem. In addition, an unclean ceiling can contaminate products during the manufacturing process by allowing dirt or contamination to fall down onto the production line.

A clean and bright ceiling is also safer for workers, landlords, and service personnel. Colour coding of piping provides service trades people and firefighters with a safe, easy, and clear way of differentiating the maze of pipes that most ceilings have in them. This clarity not only saves time for your trades people, but may save lives if time is of the essence during an emergency. It also looks more esthetically pleasing to everyone that sees it.

Coating systems for painting ceilings vary from dryfall paints that are made with a solvent system that allows the overspray paint to dry before it hits the ground, to epoxy and other more surface- tolerant coatings that allow us to inexpensively paint surfaces that are more difficult to prepare due to dirt, limited access, and/ or corrosion. Care must be taken when planning to paint a metal ceiling; the type of metal used for the fluted deck varies, with some using a spangled galvanized finish. This requires a non- alkyd paint finish since the alkyd resin will react with the zinc in the galvanizing and create a chalky oxide or soap that will cause the paint to flake off. The presence of surface contamination must also be checked; oil and other materials can be present and must be removed prior to painting, or a more expensive surface- tolerant coating must be used.

Uniformity of ceiling color can help to make a facility look more presentable as well.

The process of hiring an industrial painting contractor initially involves them visiting the project to assess the site conditions. This can also be done by e-mailing pictures to their office along with dimensions if only a budgetary price estimate is required. Industrial painting contractors will then summarize a quotation for the client’s review. A purchase order would be issued to the contractor and job details would be discussed, such as start and completion dates and what preparation by the client is required prior to us coming. Projects vary tremendously; some facilities are occupied and they section off the area to be worked on and hang curtain walls to enclose the area, while others are vacant and empty for us to work in. The less congestion with equipment etc. in an area, the faster they can access the areas being painted which means the less expensive it is to complete the project. Occupied facilities generally have more time allocated to cover-up and cleanup activities than actual painting time. Industrial contractors will always strive to give their clients the best value solutions available.

Some industrial contractors but not all are used to working under tight time constraints such as plant shutdowns. They know the hours required to complete the project, and combine this with the time allocated by the customer to get the project done to determine their man power and equipment requirements.

Don’t leave your painting project until the last minute! Preparation is a necessity for the successful completion of painting projects. Professional painting contractors should take preparation seriously. They should have a perfect track record for on-time project completion. Ordering materials, coordinating manpower, and access equipment allocation all take time. If surfaces look like they require a test to insure adhesion, we use the preplanning stage to do this as well. Remember the old saying ” if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

In occupied facilities, odor can be a customer concern, and for this reason we have low-odor coatings that can be used to ensure staff in adjoining areas aren’t exposed to hazardous solvents or nuisance odors. Coating integrity is our first priority, so in areas where surface preparation is difficult to perform and the surfaces are not perfect, we are forced to use coatings that have a stronger smell. Mitigation of these issues is a priority for Induspray, particularly during our project preplanning stage. We coordinate activities taking into consideration the potential odor concern by using low-odor coatings wherever possible, checking the facility ventilation, using odor maskers, applying the coating off hours, coordinating for adjoining work areas being painted to be closed, etc.

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