Investment Property – An Easy to Follow System to Create Wealth Through Property

You cannot underestimate the power of systems. Whenever I have achieved something in my life, it is because I had a goal, then I followed a system to achieve that goal.

What I find interesting about property investing is that many people just jump in and buy a property, without any sort of plan.

The property that I have felt most confident buying is the property we purchased only a couple of months ago. This is because over time we have worked out the right property investing system for us and we use a checklist when buying property.

This checklist has been developed over time, through experience and education. We have committed to learning and specialising in the right type of investment strategy to achieve our specific goals.

Here is a path that I have seen some property investors take. Let’s use the example of a husband and wife who both also have full-time jobs.

The first property they buy with the intention of renovating the property, and selling it. This was their first renovation project. They did most of the work themselves on the weekends, and evenings when they got home from work. The project took longer than expected, and they over-spent the budget. The property took over six months to sell. They made very little money on the project due to over-spending the budget and the extra loan costs for holding the property for six months longer than they expected. The decided renovating wasn’t for them.

A friend had made a lot of money doing a small sub-division and suggested they give that a go. They found a three-bedroom home on a large block of land. The large block of land presented them with the opportunity to sub-divide the block and sell the new block of land at the back of the property, whilst keeping the three-bedroom home at the front.

This project was a success and gave them the confidence to try a larger development project. They purchased a large block of land, which had the potential to build eight units on it, subject to council approval. Suddenly they realised an eight-unit development project requires much more skill, expertise and time than a small one-block land subdivision. Given their lack of time and expertise, they decided the project was not for them, and sold the land after holding it for two years. They lost money due to the loan costs whilst holding the land.

Beginner investors try many different strategies, never excelling in any one strategy. They are forever learning. Learning is hard. Whilst you are learning, you do not know what you are doing… and it is natural you make mistakes. And with investing, mistakes can cost you money. One bad experience can deter a potentially successful investor from seeing the wealth creation potential of property investing.

However, if you find one strategy and learn it well through experience and education, you find the third property you buy is a better investment than the second, which is better than the first investment property you bought. Rather than forever being a novice at different strategies, specialise. Once you have found your winning formula, you can the repeat it again, and again and again.

Our strategy is to buy and hold property that meets all criteria in our checklist, manage our finances to ensure we can hold them for the long-term and then see the equity build as property values increase. We longer try developments, renovators and many specific types of property as the do not fit with our specific investment system.

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