Investment Property Values Increase – ‘Go Green’ For the Future

‘Going Green’ is what the future is all about when it comes to investment property renovations. I am not talking about a small paint job and replacement of some kitchen and bathroom tiles, although green materials can be used here, but work where windows and doors are being replaced, upgrades to water and electrical supplies and even the materials that are used.

You may wonder why you would bother if you were renovating an investment property. There are two very good reasons why. One is that the resale price should be higher due to popular demand, and two, tenants also want to live in environmentally friendly properties.

Just because a tenant does not own a home does not mean to say they are not environmentally conscious and landlords will reap the benefits as the population starts demanding sustainable living attributes in rental homes. Ideas for ‘green’ renovating:

– For better air low: knock down walls and open up rooms, open up outside walls and put in wooden folding doors, increase the size of windows
– Don’t put in air-conditioners, the better air flow will cool the house
– To control heat put in double glazing
– Use building products that are green: environmentally green paint, recycled timbers for floors and stairs and other similar ‘green’ products – Put in fresh water tanks
– Install solar heating
– For curtains use natural products and environmentally friend systems
– Landscaping so that it is environmentally friendly – gardens that can be utilized for growing vegetables and plants that are drought resistant

It really is quite amazing the amount of chemicals that we subject our bodies to on a daily basis. I know when I first started making enquiries I just could not believe that some of the most simple items that you use around the house, like cleaners, pillows, mattresses, linen and clothing, are very, very toxic.

To read how some of these toxins affect the body was bad enough, but to find out that some of them like Xylene, Styrene, Toluene, Benzenes, Isocyanate and Trichlorethylen which are emitted as chemical fumes from paints or finishes that we have used for years, is really quite horrifying. Did you realise that Paints and finishes can actually give off harmful fumes for up to five years after application.

Eco friendly paints are now obtainable and one can be assured that they are not giving off harmful fumes to the painter, those living in the house or the environment. Giving consideration to all of these factors, plus many more that I have not mentioned, will put your investment property ahead of others in the rental and selling stakes. You will only reap the rewards by taking steps to own environmentally friendly property investments.

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