Natural Theme of Tiffany Lamps

When looking at a Tiffany lily lamp for the first time, you may not notice the distinct shape that makes a tiffany lamp memorable. You may never take your eyes off of the beautiful and ornate individual pieces of glass long enough to see the the Tiffany light as a whole. This is an easy mistake to make and we certainly don’t fault you for it.

Stained glass lighting fixtures and even a large stained glass window found in a church is mesmerizing and sometimes it takes awhile before you can see any recognizable pattern in the glass. The original purpose of Louis Tiffany, infamous creator of the Tiffany lamp, was to not only light the room but to bring a sense of beauty into the home.

Our diverse selection of Tiffany Style lamps and reproductions will both beautify and illuminate your home with all the warmth and charm of the originals. Louis Comfort Tiffany did not begin his career in stained glass lighting. Long before Tiffany lamps were gracing the homes of people throughout the world caught up in the ” Art Nouveau” craze, the genius first tackled art, interior design, and even helping his father with his world famous jewelry store. A profound and deep respect and admiration for Nature dominated Louis Comfort. It affected his art, his interior design, and ultimately helped influence all facets of Tiffany Lighting including lampshade design and layout.

We have a complete line of Dale and Meyda Tiffany lamps and reproductions that pay homage to the Naturalistic impulses of Louis and bring the beauty of the outside world into the comfort of your home. It is somewhat ironic that the stained glass lighting universe created by Louis Tiffany originated at a time when mass production and industrialization were reaching their peak. While Tiffany lamps were indeed mass produced, all of the lampshades still had unique lighting patterns and colors due to the nature of the process used to make Tiffany lighting fixtures. The “favrile” glass patented and used to make all Tiffany lamp shades was born of an industrial process but brought beauty into the home like no other lighting fixture could. Even though the industrial process seemed to be taking beauty out of life, a Louis Tiffany lamp used the industrial process to bring style and beauty back into the home.

Our variety of quality Meyda and Dale Tiffany lamps and lighting fixtures allow you to beautify your retreat at prices you can afford. A peacock Tiffany lamp may seem like an extreme example of Tiffany’s love for Nature and his use of it throughout his works. There are a number of his works that do not have any obvious naturalistic undertones but even these Tiffany lamps heavily use colors and patterns found in Nature as the foundation for their design scheme. One must be familiar with the artist in order to understand works like the Hanginghead Dragonfly Tiffany lamp. For those unfamiliar with the passions of Louis Tiffany, it is still easy to see that the Hanginghead is a perfect candidate for a Billiard Tiffany Light. The Nature theme lends itself to the use of warm colors and makes for colorful stained glass fixtures that shed a comforting glow upon your activities and décor.

We offer hundreds of Tiffany Style lamps and reproductions by quality manufacturers like Meyda Tiffany and Dale Tiffany, Inc. Whether you are looking for a quality made Tiffany Style table lamp or even a classic reproduction like the Hanginghead Dragonfly Tiffany lamp, Dale Tiffany, Inc. or Meyda Tiffany craft only the best in Tiffany lighting fixtures. The idea of bringing beauty into the home by creating stained glass lighting inspired by the themes of Nature are what these two companies do every day to ensure that a Tiffany lamp is still a coveted prize in any décor. Do not be tempted by the imitators offering up poor crafted lampshades using sub par materials and glass. When only a quality made Tiffany Style lamp or reproduction will do your décor justice, we are the place to come to find that perfect Tiffany lily lamp or Hanginghead Dragonfly today!

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