Pot Lights

If you are looking to do a major renovation of your home, then along with the breaking down and the putting up, the painting and the caulking, you would also be thinking of installing new lights for your home. If this is the case there are a couple of solutions that you may want to keep in the back of your mind when you go to get your new lights.

The first would be pot lights in the home. These lights are not very new but are only now gaining acceptance as a lighting system for the home. They have been used only in commercial establishments and in the homes of the really rich that most normal folk do not even think of them when they want to buy lights for their home. Pot lights are nothing but recessed lights and are a very cost effective and practical way to light up your home. This is especially true if the ceiling in your home is not very high because going in for any of the elaborate fixings will only reduce available space apart from making the room seem very small. All you need is a false ceiling which you may already have; you get a carpenter to cut or punch holes of the required diameter in them and just push fit it. Of course the wiring is another matter and this is probably what will be your biggest expense.

Another thing that you can think of is the fluorescent light covers. These covers are differently colored and patterned panels that you install in your ceiling with the lights inside them. Because they are panels that are installed in a frame, their size is only governed by your needs. You can make them just as big as you want to. However big they are they are not too tall and will only be a couple of inches in height which means that they can be used even in places where the ceiling is not too high. The options that you get are innumerable and you will be at the cutting edge of interior lighting systems with this.

Both solutions require a lot of work in the interior and will also cost you a lot; the pot lights less so than the other. Take a look at the different models and styles online and you will not only be able to get an idea of how this kind of lighting will look in your home, you can also compare prices and find that one place where you get a great deal.

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