Printer Toners – Laser Printer Toners Are Definitely Cost-Effective

If you are the kind of person who prints hundreds of pages every week, then you might probably be using a laser printer. On a regular inkjet printer, you probably spend more on your cartridge. But with this printers, you don’t use ink – you use printer toners. And no, they do not yield the usual 200 pages like the inkjet cartridges – they yield around 2000 pages per one toner cartridge.

Laser printers are very popular amongst offices and other places where high volume printing is needed. Since these printers also print faster than regular inkjet printers, with a capability of printing as fast as 30 pages per minute, it isn’t a wonder why people opt to switch to laser printers. It is not only fast in printing, but it is also economical and cost-effective as compared to inkjet printers. Printer toners can definitely print more than ink cartridges.

However, most laser printers are monochrome printers only. This means that they do not support colored-printing. Although there are also colored laser, most of the time, these colored toners are more expensive. Even though they still print faster than inkjet printers, colored laser are designed to appeal to the industrial and business sectors and not exactly for home use.

While laser printers are becoming more and more popular for use at home, with added features such as a copier or a fax, it cannot be denied that printer toners are definitely more economical to use. Not only would it save you money, but it can also save you time.

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