Quick Bathroom Remodeling – Replace the Vanity and Medicine Cabinet

It is a well known fact that when home buyers look at potential abodes, the rooms that help a home sell most are well-renovated and updated kitchens and bathrooms. Perhaps this is because people spend a great deal of time in both locations each day and want their experiences there to be as pleasant as possible.

Unfortunately it can get sometimes pretty pricey to do a full scale remodel of either room. This article is designed to help you give your bathroom a quick face lift without weeks of back breaking labor and without breaking the bank. The keys are to keep it simple: try just updating the vanity and the medicine cabinet.

The Vanity
The vanity includes the bathroom sink, the accompanying faucet and the base cabinet or pedestal. This is where many people spend time each morning getting ready for the day, putting on makeup, sculpting their hair, shaving, and brushing their teeth. And more than that, it is often the centerpiece of the entire bathroom.

Because of that reason, it is important to look at the overall style of the room and perhaps even the entire house to see what style of vanity would be most complementary. There are all sorts of styles to consider. The most traditional look is a wood cabinet base with an inset sink basin, but of course there are all sorts of variations in the type of wood you can choose as well as the style of the detailing.

You are certainly not limited to the common wood box cabinet base (although this is usually the least expensive option!) There are also vanity cabinets made of stone or covered in tile. And don’t forget the very chic pedestal style vanities or even very modern-looking wall-mounted sink basins that give the appearance of almost floating in mid-air.

What really counts when you do some remodeling is that you pick a vanity that fits both your functional and stylistic demands. The bathroom cabinets typically provide a great deal of storage space for the room. This will certainly influence your decision.

If your remodeling project is on a small bathroom or even a half-bath, you may be able to get away with installing a sleek pedestal vanity because the extra storage is not needed, but a larger room, and certainly a master bathroom will usually dictate the need for something more substantial. You should also consider how much work will be required to maintain the appearance of the vanity you choose. Some materials need lots of polishing and scrubbing to retain their luster, others may only need a quick wipe-down daily to look fresh and clean.

The Medicine Cabinet
Another quick fix for your remodeling job is to replace or install a medicine cabinet. These not only provide very handy extra storage room, but they also add beauty and decor to the bathroom. Medicine cabinets come in sizes from large to small, but the one you choose should again be based on your needs as well as your style preferences.

If you’re looking for great storage, choose a large cabinet that can hid your hair dryers, electric razors, and other toiletry accessories that you use daily but don’t really want visible during the rest of the day. Yet if you already have a large mirror over the vanity and plenty of storage room, the best choice for you may be a smaller medicine cabinet fixed on a wall adjacent to the vanity that can house smaller items, like toothbrushes and, well, medicine.

When you are working on a budget, your bathroom remodeling project can benefit most from a new vanity and a snappy new medicine cabinet.

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