Renovating Your Corporate Headquarters

It is vital that you have a well presented, welcoming corporate headquarters. after all this is where you will meet many potential clients as well as potential employees and make the difference between winning lucrative contracts and attracting skilled staff or not.

If your corporate headquarters are not up to scratch then you should seriously consider major renovations. Not only can this be cheaper and less time consuming than moving premises it can also help bring a new lease of life to your brand.

One of the easiest ways to change the look of your headquarters is the addition of a beautiful feature staircase. This can be a fairly straight forward project but will have a massive impact on the appearance of your premises.

Of course there is a lot you should think about before carrying out any sort of renovation project. Such as:

The Look You Want

Do you want your headquarters to be grand and imposing, or do you want a more contemporary, informal appearance?

This will very much depend on your brand. A large multinational, that has existed for hundreds of years will more likely go for the grand, spectacular look, while a family business will be more likely to choose some more informal.


Obviously, the amount you have to spend will be one of your most pressing concerns. Many businesses are trying to save money. So you may not want to splash out on anything too elaborate.

Talk to your contractors about the budget you have, and decide on what is possible within the time-frame.

The contractors may have ideas about more effective ways to achieve what you want.

The Contractors

When you put out a major tender such as a staircase for your corporate headquarters, you want to make sure that the contractors you choose are the very best.

Make sure you look at the work they have completed in the past. Talk to their previous clients. If other large corporate bodies are happy with their work, it is likely you will be to.

Don’t simply choose the cheapest option. While it may save you money right now, inferior work will cost you more in repairs and maintenance in the long term.

Enhancing the look of your headquarters can be a huge boost to your business. It can help you win clients, attract skilled employees and also boost morale in your business. With some simple planning, you can create an exciting new look for your premises.

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