Residential Lighting Provides An Economical Enhancement To Home Value

By providing lighted paths and eliminating dark corners welcomed and unwelcomed guests alike are met with light to either greet or deter. Outdoor lights can also create curb appeal or are ideal for outdoor entertaining and enjoyment. Whether solar powered or electrical in source, residential lighting can quickly and effectively address many home issues all at once.

Value isn’t just recognized in outside embellishments. Indoor lighting can highlight focal points, pull together a room or several rooms and add character to any home. From lamps to chandeliers, track lighting or recessed, indoor lighting is an excellent way to increase the functional layout of a room and add significant upgrades to your home.

If you are selling or thinking about selling, assessing your current residential lighting environment is a must. As lights typically stay with the home during a transaction, you’ll definitely be adding distinction and value by updating your lights with newer styles and even energy saving solutions.

The lighting market has advanced in recent years offering longer and brighter lights for often times less money than your old version — plus you can benefit from lower utility bills if you select among the energy wise options.

As we move from Spring to Summer, now is the perfect time to start evaluating your lighting, where you will want to consider the following questions:

Is it enough lighting?

Do you have dark corners or unlit pathways?

Could you implement solar lights in your courtyard, walkway or deck?

Is your address lit up?

Do you have motion sensors to deter those trying to enter your home?

Is your lighting outdated, costly or no longer functional?

Have you recently landscaped but forgot about how it looks at night?

Are your rooms amply lit and are the lights easily accessible?

Do you have a garden or in need of grow lights?

Before you opt to do nothing to your house or go overboard with costly improvements, be sure to assess your lighting and determine the best source for your home, needs and environment.

Residential lighting is one aspect where value truly increases with the flip of a switch.

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