Show Off or Downplay a Floor With Area Rugs

Area rugs present many great interior design opportunities. In some cases, they are used to accentuate a stylish and attractive floor; in others, they are used to downplay a floor that has cosmetic problems and other issues. However they are used, though, there is no denying the visual appeal of well-designed rugs. The best part is that there is no need to spend a fortune on these lovely accent pieces. There are options out there to suit just about any budget. Before you start shopping for new rugs, however, it pays to acknowledge what your ultimate goals are in using them. Are you using them to enhance a gorgeous floor, or are you using them to mask its flaws?

Accentuating an Attractive Floor

It’s natural to be proud of the glossy, stylish appearance of a high-quality floor. Whether it is made out of hardwood, tile or some other material, you’re going to want to put it in the best light possible. Area rugs are excellent ways to do precisely that, but you need to know how to make the most of them. For one thing, you shouldn’t use rugs that will take people’s attention away from the natural beauty of the floor. That’s why you need to use rugs that aren’t excessively loud or dramatically patterned. When using rugs to accentuate an attractive floor, select rugs that are low-key and elegant. Stick to natural, high-quality materials too.

Downplaying a Floor with Flaws

Whether you have a hardwood floor that has seen better days or a carpeted floor that’s looking a little worse for wear, the right area rugs can make a huge difference. Using rugs in this way is a lot different than using them to play up a stylish floor, though. In this case, it pays to select rugs that have bold, dramatic designs and bright, vibrant colors. You want people’s attention to be drawn to the rugs – not to the imperfections that riddle the floor beneath them. Don’t be afraid to select rugs that have unique, dramatic textures too; they tend to work wonders in these types of situations.

Arranging Rugs the Right Way

Once you have invested in the right kinds of rugs, you need to move on to the next phase in the process: arranging them. Not surprisingly, different rules apply to arranging rugs on a perfect floor as opposed to arranging them on a floor that has flaws. In the latter case, you need to place rugs over the most glaring flaws and imperfections. At the same time, you need the arrangement to look as natural as possible. In the case of a floor that is in great condition, you can pretty much arrange your area rugs however you’d like.

Improving the Decor of a Room

The best rugs will improve and enhance the overall appearance of a room. They add a healthy dose of versatility to any home and can be rearranged as often as you’d like. If you decide to upgrade a floor that has major imperfections, you can pack away the rugs or use them elsewhere; the choice is entirely yours. The lovely thing about using rugs is that no installation is required. If you arrange them a certain way and aren’t happy with the results, switching things up is as easy as can be.

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