Solar Patio Light Ideas

People will need outdoor lighting in order to illuminate the areas around their patio or deck during the night time. Solar patio lights are best used to light up a certain area of the lawn or garden, providing security and protection to the parts outside the house that are most vulnerable to intrusion.

Upon installation of solar patio lights, you are able to create a particular ambiance or mood in the place with ease. In the course of your experiment, you will be able to mix different lighting effects to use in different occasions.

Some of the advantages of using them are ease of installation. You can either install them yourself of ask for a professional to help you. However most probably you will manage on your own. There are no cumbersome wires or switches that you need for proper lighting. Also maintenance is kept at minimum. This makes them quite cheap to use in your garden or backyard.

Also you will find solar lighting models that have sensors in place which allows them to be switched on and off automatically as soon as the dusk or dawn sets in. You don’t have to remember to go to your backyard and switch the lights on or off. This will happen automatically.

Below are the top five solar patio lights ideas for the use of in your patios or decks:


The traditional lanterns have been widely used even in the past to illuminate decks and porches. Nowadays, these lanterns are available with advanced solar-power technology. Lanterns exude a kind of melancholic appeal, and are best used as creative decorations both during the day and night.

Motion Sensor Lights

The modern lights that are now available in the market are also powered by solar energy. The traditional use of these motion sensor lights are for security purposes, and even with the recent innovations today, the use for this didn’t change.

Step Lights

Step lights are very beautiful and helpful solar patio lights that can be put in walkways and driveways. Though their main purpose is to guide people when walking down garden paths at night, they are also ideal when used as romantic lighting before a couple approaches the porches and decks.

Post Lights and Lamps

Post lights and lamps are solar patio lights that add romantic ambiance to porches and decks. They are also able to illuminate your walkways and driveways, which creates a romantic atmosphere for lovers walking at night.


Torches are also a good idea for lighting the patios, porches, and decks. You can now find torches that are powered by solar energy, and they give unusual but very special lighting effects.

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