The Myriad of Coupling Applications Using Rubber PVC

There are many uses of rubber PVC in the home or office environment. Even the commercial and industrial sectors use a lot of PVC. Today, a lot of coupling devices are used as connectors that would offer good flexibility with a fast seal that can withstand large stress and chemical corrosive as well as adverse weather exposure.

Rubber PVC is one of the better known materials for coupling purposes; this compound can repel fungi and UV rays as well as harsh chemicals. The rubber PVC is able to withstand constant drainage waste and sewerage exposure. It is able to dispel gases while preventing leakage that may stem from cracks, impacts or splits. This profound material is able to repel floral root infiltration as well as prevent leaves, dirt, dust and sludge from getting into pipes.


The myriad of designs available of rubber PVC couplings in the market today allow many applications to be protected. The designs can be simple or complex depending on the application. They come in a plethora of diameters, shapes and sizes to fit a wide range of home, office, commercial and industrial applications. PVC rubber designs can be flexible corrugations with sockets, expansion joints and sleeves. Hence, there are many suitable designs for various piping and tubes in the home, office and commercial outlets.

One of the features of rubber PVC is its shielded coupling design. This special design allows pressure to be transferred using a gasket; thus, the pressure is reduced along with the impact. Various rubberPVC coupling designs sport features to check the liquid flow via a built-in checking hole in the connector. Reinforcements using metals such as copper inserts and locking devices are used to ensure that pipes are secured after installation.


Rubber PVC materials for coupling has manifold applications. Some sport extra ring joints and sockets to take off the application pressure and fast connection. High grade PVC is used in potable water supply systems as well as in many pharmaceutical and medical applications.

There is a heavy demand on rubber PVC double sided couplings that sport hexagonal end grips for automated processes in the heavy industries where good grips are required.

Industries where a high difference in temperature is experienced often use couplings of coated rubber PVC for a smooth and effective functionality. These hardware pieces are also used in tubes, pipes and hoses which are usually exposed to extreme temperatures. Such coated couplings allow an easy and effective disconnection of tubes or pipes for blockage checking.

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