Tips for Planning Your Frozen Custard or Ice Cream Store

Do you love Frozen Custard? Have you always wondered what it would be like to have your very own ice cream shop?

Just loving the sweet creamy taste of these treats isn’t enough, there are three things you need to consider so you can experience the sweet taste of success: Where you are going to locate your frozen custard stand, how your store will be organized, and what you are going to offer. If you start with these three things in mind and contact the ice cream consultants at Chicago’s Kool Technologies, you will soon be able to experience the sweet taste of success!

Geographic Location:

Picking a great location for your store is probably the most important part of the planning process and will shape all of the decisions that follow.

Where will the store be located? Will it be along a busy road, or in a neighborhood?

What is the general knowledge about frozen custard in your chosen area?

These two issues will play a huge role as you move forward, in selecting the type of frozen custard machine, recipes, and of course pricing. In addition, it will play a role in how much and what type of marketing you will need to make your store a success.

Store Layout:

Will your new ice cream store be a walk-up, drive-through, dine-in, or a totally new concept? Kool Technologies along with instructors at the Frozen Desert Institute can help you decide what works best for your geographic location. Sample floor plans are also available.

Menu and Product Concept:

Traditionally, stores serve three flavors of frozen custard : Vanilla, Chocolate and a rotating flavor of the day.

The ideal frozen custard machine size and number of barrels will depend on the menu, volume of traffic, and of course budget. Manufacturers such as Stoelting have a variety of machines available in a variety of sizes ranging from single-barrel continuous flow freezers to triple barrel freezers such as the CC-303 that is perfect for a large store that needs to produce the maximum amount of frozen custard possible.

Equipment to Make Frozen Custard:

Kool Technologies recommends a purchasing a Ross / Stoelting Continuous Flow Freezer such as the CC-303 Triple Barrel Continuous Flow Freezer, because it is able to simultaneously make 3 different flavors of frozen custard at the same time, or two flavors of custard and one barrel can be used for Italian Ice. Or for smaller locations, the CF-101 Counter Top Continuous Flow Freezer. The Stoelting CF-101 is perfect for restaurants that may be looking to add frozen custard to their existing lineup for the first time.

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