Trash Bags – Different Colors and Uses

A trash bag, bin bag, garbage bag, or trash liner is a disposable plastic bag used to hold waste materials. They are mostly made of plastics for durable and efficient use and even come in different colors. Apart from the usual idea that they are only made to organize garbage, it is also good to be aware that they can hold any other materials, and that their varying colors signify their use.


Trash bags are maybe one of the few things that we hardly notice every day unless we ran out of it in the house and recognize its importance. They are the ever-friendly solution for proper waste disposal of daily household garbage such as food waste or dirt. But they do not just come handy for housewives, maids or janitors, they are also equally important for industrial and commercial use to carry debris and maintain a clean environment all around.

Trash liners are used to line the insides of waste bins to prevent its interior from being surrounded by garbage. When the bag is filled with litter, it can be closed through its edges by pulling it up and tying it with a string to avoid contact with the waste material and minimize its odor.

Aside from wrapping garbage, trash bags are also useful to hold dried leaves from the yard, old clothes good for giving away, and toys that needed to be sealed. Outside, these handy bin bags can hold shredded papers from the office, medical wastes from the hospitals, and Styrofoam containers from fast food restaurants.


Trash bags or Trash liners usually come in different sizes and thickness to fit the waste bin of any size, but it is also noticeable that they come in different colors. However, these colors are not just made to make the trashes appear aesthetically good for the eyes. The colors also serve as signs to organize which trash is supposed to be inside.

Here are the meanings of the colors of the trash bags we see around. So the next time we drop that trash, we would know where to properly place them:

1. Black – is generally for non-biodegradable, non-infectious garbage such as plastic cans, Styrofoams, candy wrappers, etc.

2. Green – is for biodegradable materials like left-over foods, vegetable and fruit peelings, leaves, twigs, etc.

3. Red – is commonly used in hospitals for bio-hazardous wastes such as syringe with blood, test tubes, human wastes, etc.

4. Blue – is usually used for industrial materials such as glass, heavy plastics, etc.

5. Clear – is normally used to hold recyclable products like cans, bottles, papers, etc.

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