Use a Hydraulic Lift Kit to Create a Custom Lectern for Public Speaking Events

If you have ever been to a business conference, trade show, college presentation, or other event that required multiple speakers to use the same podium, you have surely noticed that the flexible microphone snakes on most podiums are rarely adequate to handle the necessary height and usage adjustments required by different speakers. By including a hydraulic lift kit inside the framework of their custom lecterns, cabinet makers can ditch those miserable microphone snakes and create truly adaptable, adjustable height podiums that will serve the needs of almost any speaker.

High quality hydraulic lift kits are available in a wide array of configurations, and they can be implemented into nearly any custom lectern fabrication project. Depending on the desired setup of the podium, hydraulic lift kits can be found in 2-leg and 4-leg designs, and some can be adjusted up to 16 inches in height. With easy to use manual hand crank or electronic controls, moving the system up and down will take no time at all. Integrating a hydraulic lift kit into the podium at the design and building stages will prove to be a fairly simple and cost effective solution for any capable case goods manufacturer.

Alternatively, adding a full enclosure to a ready made adjustable height table will create a podium that not only delivers superb vertical adjustability, but also offers heavy-duty strength and superior capacity to accommodate any unique requirements. Many sizes of height adjustable tables can be found, making it easy to find the right one to meet any possible specifications. Whether a speaker needs somewhere to place a laptop (or even desktop) computer for a multi-media presentation, room for large and/or heavy archaeological artifacts to use as visual aids, or anything in between, an adjustable height table with an optional full enclosure will be up to the task. Manual hand crank or electronic controls make the height adjustment process a quick and easy one.

Adding a retrofit hydraulic lift kit while building a custom podium will give it supreme adjustability for any height and usage requirements. An adjustable height table with an added full enclosure will guarantee ideal vertical adjustment and ample space and strength for any size and weight considerations. No matter if the keynote speaker is someone as short as Danny DeVito or as tall as LeBron James, the custom lectern will quickly and easily adjust for proper height and ideal capacity.

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