What to Look For When Buying Art

If a room in your home needs a boost of color and character, consider placing paintings on the walls. This will make a big impact on the overall character of the room especially when consistent with the room’s style. Here are some tips for decorating a room with paintings:

Choose the right colors. The paintings you select should be complementary to the wall color, furniture and carpet of the rooms you are decorating. You’ll want the paintings to tie in with the mood of the rooms and the rest of your décor.

Choose wall art that you like, not one just because it’s part of the latest décor craze. If you’re working with a room that doesn’t have much color, choose a painting that fits with the theme you’d like the room to have. If you want a peaceful setting, choose calmer colors. If you want to create a lot of energy, use paintings with brighter, bolder colors.

Choose the right style. There are a variety of styles of paintings including contemporary, modern and traditional. Choose a style that best fits you and the room. Use your own tastes when selecting the painting to create a room reflective of your personality and personal style. If you use more than one painting in each room, choose complementary styles.

Choose the right size painting for your wall. Large paintings in small rooms are overwhelming and can make the room look smaller. Lean toward small and average sized paintings for smaller rooms. In a room with a lot of wall space go for larger paintings because smaller paintings can be engulfed and overlooked on a large wall. You can also choose a number of smaller paintings to arrange together on a large wall.

Arrange your paintings. There are several ways you can hang painting according to the room you’re decorating. If you want to create a gallery feel, give each painting plenty of space on the wall. If you choose to hang another painting next to it, such as in a hallway setting, give ample amount of space between each painting. You can also place a painting above a sofa. When doing this hang the painting at either eye level or at least six to 12 inches above the sofa. Another way you can arrange your wall art is to do a cluster arrangement where you tightly group a small number of paintings to display together. This creates a focal point in the room. The arrangement you use depends on the room, the size of the paintings and of course your personal preference.

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